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There is a key of great power, lost somewhere the realm of Derulothicious (der-roo-loth-sis-us) in the Land of Sontuce. It is the Styx Key, a stone of great evil, designed to open a doorway between Earth and the underworld. There is a mastermind behind it, who welcomed creatures of the underworld to earth, but the key was lost. Now, it sits in the hands of an elf of Sontuce, Syrus. It was given to him by his father who found it buried far away. His father disappeared after it was given to him. Little does he know of its dark powers but believes it will help him find his father. Who is the mastermind behind the Styx key? and will it reclaim the key and lead the creatures of the underworld in over running earth? or will the key be destroyed???

..........a great adventure awaits Syrus and all those who stand aside him against the creatures and all odds to destroy THE KEY....

Syrus wiped the sweat from his forhead and felt himself drifting back to sleep. He felt a cold draft and then it hit him. His window looked as if it had been torn open and wind thrashed at the ripped curtains. He walked on his toes through the broken glass and shut the window as best as he could. He was still registering whether he was dreaming or awake when he suddenly remembered the cube. Looking at the table it was still there, right where hed left it. "What the hell?" he repeated over and over in his mind. He glanced once more at the window, prompting him this time to speak, "what the hell?" He turned back to his bed and nearly fainted. Standing over his bed was a huge, hooded figure, his piercing, red gaze locked on Syrus. "How long had he been there thought syrus?" A finger,covered by a black gauntlet shot out, pointing straight to the cube. The warrior drew an ancient sword crusted with blood. Syrus recognise the sybols along the blade. The blade, which now, was leveled at Syrus' neck...

The elf obviously knew the woods extremely well, for they were travelling at such a speed that hitting any obsticale would send them both flying off the horse. They had no pursuers, or so they thought. It was hard to hear when travelling at such speeds but Syrus never ceased to turn around every few minutes just to check. He opened his hand, turned red by the tightness with which he had gripped the cube. Examining the object, he looked for something, anything, a compartment, a button, but there was nothing. All that made the cube distinct were the runes. Four, one on each face. He found the face with the rune he recognised, the events of a that night flicking through his mind. The rune glowed ever so slightly, faintly red. As the horse galloped on the glow intesfied. It grew and grew until the horse and the elfs back were covered in an eerie red glow. Then he heard it, the faint clip clop of hooves and the chink of metal on metal. His head whipped round. No one there. He looked at the cube, puzzled. The sounds drew closer, the glow grew, and soon, there location was known. The horse reared as it nearly hit a huge black horse ridden by the hooded figures Syrus thought he had escaped. The Elf turned east only to encounter another rider. She turned west, south and all the directions inbetween, riders blocked each and every path. The elf cursed under her breath, her eyes widening as she noticed how intense the cubes glow was.

Syrus looked at all the riders. I might not now what this d**n cube is for, ut whatever it is, these guys aren't getting it, he thought to himself. Syrus reached into his right boot for the dagger that was normally there, and realized he always took it out before sleeping. He looked at the elven woman, and noticed she had almost as many blades as an entire squad of city guards. "Miss, if I might borrow a blade of some type, I would kind of like to have a defense of my own, just to be safe," he said to the elf. She grabbed a large blade from the back of her belt and tossed it to him so it landed perfectly in his palm. "Well, I don't exactly think these men care if we are dead or alive, but the cube must not fall into their hands. Fight for your life, if they get the cube, we are as good as dead," she said to him sternly. He gripped the cube tight in his left hand, and held the dagger in a defensive position his father taught him. "Well, you hooded freaks, quit standing there, if your going to do something, do it!" he yelled at the hooded men. As he finished his sentence, all of them charged, each carrying a short sword and a dirk.

Aesod jumped out of the way of a sword, but quickly regained his footing and knocked the blade out of the hooded monster's hand. He held his sword up to the monster's head (because he didn't know where the neck was) and asked "Where is it!?"

"We are lookin for the key just like you Aesod," the monster hissed.

"Okay, how about this, either you tell me where it is or I kill you," Aesod taunted.

"You don't scare me Aesod,"

"Fine," Aesod moved his sword from the monster's head and cut off his scaly hand.

The monster screamed in agony and blurted out "Fine! It's with a male by the name of Syrus!"

"Syrus eh? Tell me more,"


After Aesod learned about where Syrus was he emmediately set off to look for him. This could be the big break in his life long search for the Styx Key.


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