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the Wanderer:
Dearest Patrons and Friends,
       With the recent death of Marsin and Tresin the Two-is-One, we at the Carnival have come to a decision.
We will be having open auditions from now until the full moon passes thrice.
                                       Not once...not twice...but THRICE!
        All applicants will be considered, but only two will be given the honor...the privilege...nay, the pleasure...of joining our
band of misfits and miscreants!
       Appearance, skills, and personality will be the determining factors in our decision, so come ready
to put on a show!

                                                                                              Mascebus Elmirion Hendamere

All NPCs submitted my 02/01/07 will be considered.
Check existing Carnival subs for formatting.
Please post complete sub on this thread.
Voting poll will will be presented on 02/14/07.
All Strolenites welcome to cast a vote to determine the newest members of the Carnival.
The newest members of the Carnival will be announced on 03/01/07.
(Links to the newest member's sub will be added to related posts, as well as contributor credit.)

[Menagerie of Madness] is being readied to house the rest of the submissions.
Links: [The Carnival of Forgotten Souls] [Mascebus Elmirion Hendamere] [Arturo the Slight]
         [Aela the Tattooed Lady] [Korian the Lion Man] [Vies the Feral Boy] [Tulapon the “Missing Link”]

Ria Hawk:
Can we have a link to the existing Carnival subs?  I couldn't find them on the site.

cute  :P I'm in.

I would add though, that you may want to change the premise a bit. Lets say six to ten people take the time and effort to make a complete NPC sub for the carnival. So, you will select one, and then what? Send a bunch of, "not bad, but no" PM's? hehe. Besides, whoever sends it to you in a PM completed, will also most likely be posting that sub anyway  And since it would be an NPC for and inspired by, your carnival, guess which sub they will all be linked too anyway?

*warning* there's a chance you'll get lots of good ones. And judging many people's subs to come up with one, all by yourselves, seems dunno, a bit cheeky :P

follow?  :wink:

What if you just post the challenge as a collaborative effort to populate The Carnival of Forgotten Souls, and make a humangous and memorable scroll? Just a thought.

Ria Hawk:
Muro's right.  If I go to the trouble of coming up with a sub (and I probably won't stop at one), it will be posted either way. 

Although I do wonder if it might just be best to come up with a carnival codex, so people can develop their own carnivals/freakshows/etc.

he's doing that too!  :P

Go, Wanderer, Go! No really, let me say this. It is a good idea!


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