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Info Collaberation

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Info Collaberation
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I hope you don't mind my making all these threads, AG :D

Much of the information of Bleak wood is slathered all over the place in these forums. This thread is a quick-link for all important information which we may want to look up some time, but don't want to have to wade through pages to find.

First, quick links to pages:
Characters: http://www.strolen.com/guild/index.php?topic=3729.0
Rules: http://www.strolen.com/guild/index.php?topic=3724.0
Bleak wood and General background information: http://www.strolen.com/guild/index.php?topic=3734.0

Merchant Caravan Equipment, owned by the PCs and NPCs:

Locked inside vault number 13 inside the South Wall Storage Facility:
- Holy Artifact of Radiatos, 200 lbs advanced machinery encapsulated in red and orange painted alloys. (Retrieved from a military research facility found by accident)
- 200 litres of gasoline in red plastic jerrycans (retrieved from an ancient gas station)
- 20 crates of vacuum packed brown, black or blue kaki shorts (retrieved from buried warehouse found at a dig site)
- 15 pieces of advanced weaponry, presumably handguns or submachineguns, but no muzzle nor ammunition has been found. They do have triggers though, but nothing happens when you squeeze those triggers. (Found by corpses at the military research facility in which the artifact was retrieved).'
- 15 litres of experimental angelic juice (the only illegal drug in Bleak Wood, outlawed by the Warden himself... You haven't risked moving the stash you had in the warehouse as having in its possession has been declared a reason for immediate execution after the Warden's third son died of an Angelic Juice overdose).

In addition there are two oxen tethered outside of the Storage Facility, and the aluminium cart that they often pull. The oxen are named Master and Phoenix.

Character skill %'s!

Ceres (Echomirage)
Biology: 50%
Credit Rating: 25%
First Aid: 65%
Latin: 50%
Medicine: 65%
Pharmacy: 65%
Psychology: 55%

Large Sword: 70%
Punch: 70%
Listen: 50%
Smith: 60%
Martial Art: Kickbox: 5%

Ralkhara (Shadoweagle)
Conceal: 45%
Drive motorcycle:  70%
Hide:  75%
Listen: 75%
Navigate: 45%
Ride: 05%
Sneak: 75%
Spot Hidden: 75%
Track: 60%

Art:Sketching: 60%
First Aid: 55%
Pharmacy: 25%
Dodge: 56%
History: 35%
Throw: 40%
Crossbow: 60%

Bakur (Dozus)
Sword: 75%
Maces [wrenches]: 60%
Grapple: 40%
Dodge: 55%
Jump: 65%
Throw: 55%
Smith: 75%
Bargain: 15%
First Aid:  50%

Ride: 40%
Spot: 40%
Hide: 40%
Sneak: 30%
Climb: 50%
Track: 30%

Kiph (Murometz)
Machete: 70%
Garrote: 60%
Thrown: 50%
Sneak: 75%
Hide: 61%
Spot Hidden: 60%
Listen: 50%
Climb: 50%
Locksmith: 50%

Astronomy: 6%
Conceal: 50%
Navigate: 20%
Track: 50%
Pursuade: 25%
Disguise: 26%
Biology: 26%


Read the table this way: The upper row has the written feelings towards the vertical row. Thus: Civilized folk (horizontal row) are WARY towards nomads.
The table should be taken for what it is: A cursory and superficial glance at cultural differences. By all means: You may find nomad loving city dwellers and nomad groups that hate each other. The setting is dynamic and complex, not a black and white set of constant rules.

In Bleak Wood you can purchase many things at the Bazaar:

1. Bleak Wood is known for cheap male slaves, but the women sold there are often of exceptional beauty and are on the expensive side. This makes Bleak Wood the staging area of slave caravans, and the center of the slave trade with the off planet enclaves.

2. Bleak Wood is known for fine primitive weapons such as spears, arrows, bows, crossbows and any other wooden based weapons. These weapons are of average cost, but of premium quality and are also in demand elsewhere.

3. Supply runs (food and medicine) to Outposts 14, some seven kilometers to the northeast, prove profitable. The close proximity to the River Train tribes makes those runs somewhat dangerous.

4. Drugs that are not performance enhancing are cheap in Bleak Wood, though Angelic Juice (Hallucinogenic drug / Out of body experiences / Euphoria) has recently been outlawed. In most other villages, towns and cities drugs are under stricter control than in Bleak Wood, but there is a considerable profit to be made by trafficking.

5. The Cannibal Tribes that live in the Fallen City of Karchul, about four kilometeres south into the Void, pay well for male slaves. There is an inherent risk in these runs, for merchants have a tendency not to return.

6. Steel armor and weapons made in Corona, or by some of the tribes, fetches good money in Bleak Wood.

7. Projectile weapons and ammunition is expensive all over. Scavengers that stumble upon a cache (or steal some from others) can and do fetch quite the profit.

8. Advanced weaponry and armor is by law the property of the Warden of Bleak Wood. Men have ended up in prison for trying to hide mechanized armor from him. In addition he trades slaves for technology from the space dwellers. Most merchants cannot pay for advanced armor and possessing armor or weapons of exceptional quality is more likely to get you into problems, than to raise a profit.

Starting Items

Trolblandir, greatsword, inherited
Plate Mail - self-made, chromed
Firskag - broad sword, self-made
Iron knuckles
Tabard, red with hammer and sickle
Sturdy leather gloves and boots with steel caps

Several books on sociology and medicine
Suitcase chemistry set (okay, rather large suitcase)
Compendium where Ceres notes many of the strange plants of the wastes

Doctor's Bag (Scalpels, scissors, band aid, disinfectant, surgical needle, thread, hypodermic needle, hypodermic syringe, stethoscope and so on)
White frock and mouth mask
3 doses of nanite healing agents to be injected with a hypodermic syringe
Hand-crafted surgical tools
A few shots of penicillin

Flint and steel, whetstone, weapon oil, a few basic tools like hammer, pincers, wrench
Long hooded coat, impregnated leather
Small tent with mosquito net
Filter canteen, a few spare filters
Backpack with a steel pipe rack, impregnated cloth
Swiss army knife, thread, needle
10 ft. rope with grappling hook

Basic crossbow
 Quiver of bolts
 13 bolts
 2 rope bolts
basic survival gear (such as water skin, 2 days worth of dried food, rough blanket for warmth, matches)
Several charcoal sticks and a dozen leaves of thick sketching paper.
A belt with several hooks and pouches.
Three hand grenades, hidden inside said belt pouches.
Two "Fossil, Inc - Wrist PDA mk III" which resemble large-screened watches.
Binoculars with 16-48x80mm zoom
Camo clothing, brown shades
Flare gun, single shot. Can be used as a weapon, but is intended to signal danger when all hope for the scout's life is lost. That way he can save his brethren even when death approaches.

One can of black spraypaint, half-full
One sleeping bag
One heavily dented saucepan
A thin, loose wire, 25 feet long
Sturdy backpack
Two medium spare crossbow strings & wax for coating
1 bag of flour
A pocket knife
Two small bells, secured in his pack so as to make no sound

Bakur al-Raish
Saiful'lahal - "Sword of Lahal," greatsword, self-made
Al-Mani - "The Defender," cuirass and tasset armor, ancient steel
Two (2) wrenches, vanadium alloy, 1'2" each
Hunting knife, flint
Wool robes, natural color
Riding pants, wool with leather chaps
Thin leather gloves
Heavy hobnailed sandals, leather with wool socks
Belt, leather and steel, with holsters for wrenches and sheath for knife
Turban, cotton, heather gray
Steel amulet, sacred of Lahal the Steel-King
Skullcap, steel
Cloak, boarskin

Healing bag
 Small scalpel
 Bone needles and thread
 Cotton gauze and pressure wrapping
 Various herbs for controlling pain, infection, bleeding, vomiting, fever
 Vial of alcohol
 4 "reds"

Smithing equipment
 Whetstone and oil
 Leather apron
Hare jerky, 5 pounds
Cooking pot, tin

Imad - "Pillar," horse
Saddle, reigns, and saddlebags

Five throwing knives
Prayer beads
Red Robe of the Fatebringers
Fatebringer weapon belt
Night Vision Goggles
Leather vest
Snake-skin, full face mask, not worn (stolen off a dead man)
4 gel lozenges (filled with blood)
Tape recorder

I may add more to this thread as additional info becomes available.
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* Added personal starting equipment
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