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I was looking at Erebus' post, [3478|Dungeon Trimmings], in which some basic seeds for adventures were suggested. 
I would love to see ideas like these presented in the format used by Steve Hatherley's Tales of Terror site:

He presents horror-themed adventure seeds with three alternative explanations for each.

What do you guys think?  Could we put together some "Tales of Adventure" to rival these "Tales of Terror"?

It seems intrigueing... how about you post a scroll with the summary of the format, and perhaps, a little example or few? Or you can start a thread in Idea Scrolls for now, if unsure how it kicks off, then moving it into the main Citadel as soon as there are a few.

I'm pretty sure we can make anything, whether the format is embraced is another matter.

I posted up a tale to serve as an example.  If there is interest, we can then put together Codexes of these plots.

*poof* And there is another.

Thank You, Manfred!  You're a gentleman and a scholar!  Your simple plot has a lot of potential (for conflict or chaos)!


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