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Ancient Gamer:
1. This OOC sub-forum contains copyrighted material that I provide to my players. Most of our forum users do not have access to this forum just because of that. Please do not distribute any of these tables.

2. The game features adult material, as do most of my games. If your are morally offended by textual descriptions of violence, swearing, pornography and/or intercourse, you better turn around and leave. Some of the events in the game may refer to fictional non-Christian, non-Moslem, non-whatever gods and deities. If you consider such things blasphemic, yes, you better turn around and leave. (Deities are unlikely to be a major aspect, but I include them just because :p)

Ancient Gamer:
The game is put on hold until early January. Christmas season is upon us gents. No time to have fun :p
Seeyas in January!

Ancient Gamer:
The game will soon be resumed. Stay tuned for the fiery conclusion of episode 2!

Bleak Wood Storyteller:
Rule change:

From now on you roll dice using the shout box dice function.

I will ask you to roll, and tell you which dice. For skill checks it will mostly be 1d100, and you must roll below your skill level.

If Kiph want to persuade someone he will roleplay his attempt, and I will ask him to roll below his persuade score (25). If his roleplaying was rather good and convincing I might tell him to add +10% to his score. If the forum dice roller says 35 or less, Kiph would make his persuasion attempt.

Need a refresher on the forum roller, or a link to usage :)


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