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The crystal light

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Celak regained his breathe as quickly as possible, then stood back up. He glanced once more in the direction of the creature that had outrun him so easy. He flipped his hood off and ran his dark stained hands through his stark white hair. "If the ex-assassin would take my place in the shadows, I need to think, and also regroup with my pride," Celak stated dimly. He was furious that it had outrun him. But he couldn't let his pride get in the way so soon. He would regroup within himself, and recover his pride in time. The beast would not get away twice, of that, Celak would make sure.

the events unfolding before him, Liessi had drawn a sword and gazed into the dark, following the deep, red eyes. He re-grouped with the others and stood guard over the old man and the woman.


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