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The crystal light

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Callista Miala Moonshade:
A bright light shone on the horizon, everything that the light touched shrivelled and died leaving behind a line of decay and death. The cause of this tragedy was a bright crystasl orb floating just of the west banks of Kypen the city of gold. The city was in distress everyone running here and there collcting there belongings trying to escape the light.

  Meanwhile in the southern continent there led a young girl just turned 19 looking up at the bright blue sky, she wore warrior garments of the Tellaborder city, a rich magneta armour covered her body, although it was light it was strong, underneath this she wore a casual pair of black trousers and a top to match. By her side was a long silver sword which shimmered beutifully in the morning sun, in it's hilt many diffrent colored jewels were encrusted in an accentric pattern. Her long black hair fell across the dew covered grass, her bright blue eyes shone in the light making them seem like the top of a river with clear blue waters. Slender features made her face seem more pretty than when you looked first, her lips were a bright blood red and her cheeks were a pale pink. Melody sat up and watched as one of the soldiers walked up the hill towards her "News from Kypen, the light has returned, it is making it's way towards the city shall we send word to the other citys to evacuate?" Melody shook her head "It's time that we done something about this! we must put a group together to go to the northern continent i will go to the inns and find people who are willing to go on this mission." The soldier nodded and walked off back down the hill. Melody streached and stood up brushing her hair down and smoothing out her undergarments. she bent down and picked up her sword and attached it to her side, she took a deep breath and walked towards the town. In the town there were all diffrent shops in a row with inns placed systematically along the line, Melody walked into the first shop "I need 20 leaflets saying that there is going to be a mission to the northern continent to try and destroy the crystal orb emitting the light" the shop keep nodded and went to his back room, after a couple of minutes the shopkeep came back holding a bundle of papers in his arm. he handed them to melody and she walked out pinning one on the door as she left. after posting all of the leaflets she walked into 'The headsmans' inn which had been put as a meeting place on the leaflet. Melody ordered an ale and went and sat on the centre table and waited for the people to come.   

Celak walked through the town with his tight black gear on, keeping to what little shadows existed. He had just stolen the purse from a very rich man, and was making his escape as clean as possible. He had one dagger in hand, with the ones on his left forearm, hips, and both boots still sheathed. His short sword clung to his back by the dark leather strap it was attached. His stark white hair was covered by his black hood, and his toneless skin was covered by a darker film, given to him by a small time alchemist. Celak looked around and realized the man's gaurds had passed his position and darted into the crowded street. He saw a leaflet saying something about light, and then saw the words "Headsmans Inn" and took off at full speed. He arrived at the inn and quickly wiped away all the film off his showing skin, revealing the pale white of his forearms and lower legs He flipped his hood back and ran his hand through his white hair. He entered the inn, and his attention was instantly drawn towards the woman with the Tellaborder garments. He looked at her with his light pink eyes and walked over. "Hello, ma'am, I read something about a quest of some sorts? I was wondering if you would mind me joining your little expidition," he stated clearly in a statly manner not that of a common rouge.

Callista Miala Moonshade:
Melody looke up from her drink at the new arrival, she stared long and hard at the mans full head of white hair and his pale face. "It would be my pleasure for you to join me in this quest, it will be dangerous but it must be done" Melody nodded her head towards a chair to the left of her "Sit have a drink" She lifted her hand and the bartender made his way over to the table

he heard footsteps running towards him through the darkness of the night, the quiet sching as Liessi slowly slid his katana from its scabbard, watching a shadowy out line appear through the trees at the edge of the clearing. Liessi drew back as the figure lit a torch revealing a small hole in the ground and a shovel implanted in the earth. Liessi pulled his hood up, grabbed something out of the hole and was leaving when he found a flyer on the ground in his path. the man must've dropped it he glanced at it then left for the 'The headsmans' inn.

Celak sat down at the table, facing the woman. "As you wish, barmaid, firewine please," he said, sliding his hand into his newly aquired pouch and slipping a few silver coins on the table.


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