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Required Reading - The Dictionary
« on: March 06, 2005, 02:26:34 PM »
There are a few words and phrases you are going to need to know before you try and understand the Eternal Ring

Akashic: The Astreal Realm where the thoughts and feelings of all souls echo upon. The Oversouls of most avatars can access this realm.

Avatar: The unique combination of body, soul, and KA of an oversoul.  When the KA of an oversoul visits a sleeping soul shard in its body, it awakens and that body and soul become an Avatar. Avatars, having minds (the interfaces of bodies and souls) store skills and focused knowledge about the material world.

Coyn: A bundle of Eternal Life Energies manifested in the form of a coin. Priests and Healers can utilize this energy to heal and work with Life. Coyns are used like money by Avatars and on most spheres.

Eternal Church/ Eternal Life Church: A church run by Avatars who have become one with The Eternal Force because they were living too close (vibrationally speaking) to the Source . They have the power of Life and the ability to move through The Eternal Ring.

Eternal Force: The Power over Life and Living that stems from The Eternal One and flows through The Priests of the Eternal Church.

Eternal One: The largely unknowable primal spirit of the multiverse, the high divine one. The Eternal One has broken off shards of itself to better experience the multiverse, those shards are Oversouls.

Eternal Ring: A string of worlds that are cosmically/ vibrationally close to the Eternal One. They are linked to each other by artifacts created by the Priests of the Eternal One. These worlds have awakened avatars.

Gate Points: These are artifacts created by the Priests of the Eternal Church.

Gyld: An major group of avatars that is recognized by the Proctors and other major groups.

Halo: Visible only to other avatars, the halo is a visual expression that a sleeper has awakened (a KA is inhabiting the vessel). It appears as a glowing backlight to the persona.

Healers: Personas that have had their energy channels altered to accept large amounts of Eternal Force, allowing them to heal and work with Life.

Ka: The "attention" of the Oversoul. When the Oversoul's KA visits a soul, it dominate said soul, allowing the Oversoul to temporarily take over the vessel/ persona.

Mundane: A person (and soul) that is not part of an active Oversoul. They simply go about their life as part of the sphere/ world they exist on.

OverSoul: An oversoul is a powerful spirit form that sends shard of itself through time and space allowing it to learn and experience in many forms at one and do its spiritual duty. Each shard of an oversoul is a soul. Each of these shards/ souls functions independently of the oversoul, returning to the oversoul when it is done. The oversoul can opt to focus its attention upon any of its soul, to directly experience its life.

Proctors: Avatars charged by the Eternal Church to maintain Order on The Eternal Ring.

Persona: The Personality a being presents to others. There are three stances for Personas of Avatars: 1) The sleepers (the vessel's orignal/ indigineous personality without expressing any of the oversoul's), 2) The Ka (The Oversoul's personality, so every avatar has the exact same personality and memories), 3) The Avatar's (The KA takes on a unique personality while in that vessel).

Place: A minor location in the sea of the multiverse, a bubble of stability in the cosmos. By travelling through dimensions you can travel to and from a place.

Sleeper: A person (and soul) who have an active oversoul who someday might have the KA visit them, awakening them, making them an Avatar. When the oversoul's KA leaves, the fall "asleep"... unaware of what they are, and go about their mundane lives.

Sphere A major location in the sea of the multiverse, usually a planet. By travelling through dimensions, you can travel between spheres.

Soul: A spirit form that fills a physical vessel (body) animating it. Many souls on the Eternal Ring are shards from Oversouls.

Vessel: The physical body filled by a soul.

Dictionary is forever in Process, but these key words should get you by.
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