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Realms of Evil Games Publishing has finally completed the first phase content editing for Careers in Villainy (our massive prestige class book) and we are now looking to start to work on the second book of The Dead Will Worship series, Mortis Arcanum.

What we want:  We want detailed spells and magical items with a evil or cursed bent to them.  We would like this book to have at least 500 new spells (at least 50 per level) in it and around 200 new magical items, magical item properties, or artifacts.  No real 'theme' exists for this book besides the dark nature of the content and will be a general use resource for DMs and players who want spells and items with a vile bent to them.

Authors whose work is chosen for Mortis Arcanum will be paid 3 cents a word, 30 days after the book is released and will be illustrated by Kevin H. Yancey, the main Realms of Evil Games artist (whose work can be seen at the main Realms of Evil Games website).  Contributing Authors will also be given one contributor's copy of Mortis Arcanum, free of charge.

Send Submissions to: RoETyrant@aol.com
Open Call Closes:  August 30th

I have also posted a a thread about it at the Pits of Evil where I have awnsered some questions about the Open Call already :)


I hope this isn't against any rules.

Let me see if I can understand this. You want the players to be evil. Uhhh, No.

All games, from D&D to Tetris to poker teach something, let the player some away with something from thier experience, and I don't mean XP. Gaming affects people and people's points of veiw. They play, they have fun, they relax. Teaching people to relax by being evil or sadistic is wrong. Maybe some players are getting tired of trying to be good two shoes all the time and getting screwed by the GM's villans who don't play by the rules. Well too bad. You don't have to be upstanding all the time, but sickos skining cats and beating children with the rotting corpses is not a game.

Moral diemmas are great, they give the players a situation where they have a close call between what's right, and what's easy. And they suffer the consequences for their actions. Villians run off into the night with the captive maiden and bulging church coffers and do it all over again the next day. No consequnces, no remorse. I do not want to contribute to @$$holes becoming bigger or better @$$holes.

 :evil:  :x  :evil:

I don't know: even heroes can have a dark side, why not try to tempt them? And what about thieves and other unscrupulous characters?

And most dark-magic items will be cursed to some extent, so their use would not be that simple for the villains: they would have to consider only using the item under critical circumstances to avoid exposure to the curse.

Fantasy is full of such dark items, like the One Ring, or the Necronomicon from Lovecraft. I don't see what's wrong with cataloguing them.


:twisted: Did I see a certain Book of the Names of the Dead being mentioned? WAHAHAHA!


Think I should submit the Hellcoat?


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