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Ria Hawk:
Well, if we don't put stats up, then anyone can use it in any system at whatever power level they wany.   :wink:  Glad you like it here.

Ya hey der MindForge!

Stats come up every so often and we have discussed ways to have stats; hide them until wanted, at the bottom of the submission, etc., and we even thought about a stat converter when the site first started so you could put in any stats and have it converted to any other game.

In the end, we opted against this extra difficulty and decided to concentrate on the idea. After all, if you can come up with a good idea, the stats will fall into place with relative ease. Then we didn't have to seperate them in game categories where the idea is lost to the system in the system. There are just too many good ideas to be holed up into a certain game system. Let the idea free...freeeeeeedooooooooooooom. :)

I actually think that an idea can't really show the stats, it more or less shows a concept. I believe that stats reinforce the idea that is the concept of a character. As an idea is the skin, the stats are the bones beneath. I mean you can't have a real character, be it PC or NPC, without a solid idea and concept. Just creating something, doesn't truly help, at least in my opinion. I really don't want to offend anyone, with me being new here and all. I'll just drop an example;

Tergus Kithkeras was born and raised like many githzerai, in a fortress monastery in the Plane of Limbo. Tergus Kithkeras grew into a great leader and fighter in the war against the illithids. Tergus has led many Rrakkma raiding parties; in each he destroyed many more illithids than other Rrakkma of the same size. Tergus was celebrated a hero after near a decade of successful Rrakkma.
A great illithid leader, Larkt, became driven with a new goal, the downfall of Tergus Kithkeras. He would bring him down after destroying his will to fight and then he would break his mind. First Larkt set forth his plan by secretly recruiting other gith from both sides through secret channels. His first goal was to turn Tergus’s friends and allies against him by making him look like a githyanki sympathizer. He planted a githyanki child and the doorstep of his wife, knowing she would hide the child and raise it. She did and after a year Tergus actually began to see this youth as a way to mend the bridge between the gith and maybe even bring peace to their broken people. His plan backfired when Larkt had the information leaked to several githzerai that had great hatred for the githyanki. Tergus Kithkeras was tried for treason for taking in the youth, his background saved his life, and Larkt knew this would happen. When Tergus was sentenced, the child would be executed, his wife would also be executed for treason and he would be exiled.
His heart broken and his life in shambles he was exiled, he was left in the underdark to die.
Tergus was heart broken and shattered, at his weakest he sat in the dark waiting for some creature to come and take his life. Instead, Larkt came to him and with promises of revenge for the death of his child and wife seduced him. Tergus Kithkeras submitted to his new master and became an enemy of his own people; before it was done one more tragedy would take place. Tergus changed his name to Gith’kirak -which means One who Kills Gith in his tongue- and undertook the ritual to become a half-illithid.
Gith’kirak now hunts his own kind, full of hatred for the death of his family. He has even come to discover Larkt was behind the whole thing but sees his illithid master as a savior, the one who opened his eyes to the evil of the gith, an evil more treacherous than what any illithid has ever done to him.

Gith’kirak (formerly Tergas Kithkeras) CR 15
LE Male Augmented Humanoid (Githzerai) Mnk12
Medium Aberration (Augmented Humanoid, Extraplanar)
HD 12d8+24 (hp 87)
Init +9
Spd 75 ft/x4
AC 27 (+5 dex, +1 natural, +4 magic, +7 misc), touch 23, flat-footed 17
Base Atk/Grapple +9/+16
Full Atk +12/+7 Unarmed Strike (2d6+3;20/x2), +12/+12/+12/+7 Flurry of Blows (2d6+3;20/x2), +16/+11 Grapple  (2d6+3;20/x2),  4 Tentacle Attacks +12 (1d4+3)
SA&SQ Armor Restriction, AC Bonus(Ex), Flurry of Blows(Ex), Improved Evasion(Ex), Extract(Ex), Improved Grab with Tentacles(Ex), Fast Movement(Ex), Still Mind(Ex), Ki Strike(Su), Slow Fall(Ex), Purity of Body(Ex), Wholeness of Body(Su), Diamond Body(Su), Abundant Step(Su), Inertial Armor(Sp)
Fort +10, Ref +13, Will +11
Str 16(+3), Dex 21(+5), Con 14(+2), Int 14(+2), Wis 20(+5), Cha 14(+2)
Skills: Climb +18, Hide +20, Move Silently +20, Tumble +20
Feats: Improved Disarm, Dodge, Mobility, Improved Initiative, Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Deflect Arrows, Close-Quarters Fighting, Dash.

Armor Restriction: If wearing ANY armor or carrying a shield, you lose
  your Wisdom bonus to AC, fast movement and flurry of blows abilities.
AC Bonus(Ex): Add +7 AC; this bonus is not lost unless you are
  immobilized or helpless, wearing armor, carrying a shield or carrying a
  medium/heavy load.
Flurry of Blows(Ex): As a full attack, you may make two extra attack(s).
Improved Evasion(Ex): You take half damage from magical attacks. On a
  successful Reflex save, you take no damage.
Fast Movement(Ex): Your speed increases (limited by armor and
Still Mind(Ex): +2 to save against Enchantment spells and effects.
Ki Strike(Su): Your unarmed attacks are treated as lawful, and magic
Slow Fall(Ex): As long as a wall is within arm's reach, you take damage
  from a fall as if it were 60 feet shorter.
Purity of Body(Ex): Immune to all diseases except supernatural and
  magical diseases.
Wholeness of Body(Su): You can heal your own wounds, up to 24 points
  per day.
Diamond Body(Su): You are immune to all poisons.
Abundant Step(Su): You can slip between spaces as if using the spell
  dimension door once per day, as cast by a level 6 sorcerer.
Inertial Armor(Sp): +4 to AC as long as the githzerai remains conscious. Treat as a 1st level spell.
Tentacles(Ex): Has Improved Grab with its Tentacles. If it hits a creature its size
or smaller with even one Tentacle, it begins a Grapple as a Free
Action that does not generate an Attack of Opportunity. If it
successfully gets a Hold, then it can attached the rest of its
Tentacles with a single Grapple check. If all 4 Tentacles
maintain a Hold for a Full Round, the target’s brain is extracted
& it dies immediately.
Mind Blast: 1/day – All targets in a 40’ Cone are Stunned for 1d4
rounds (WillNeg DC = 13 + Int modifier).
Telepathy can Communicate with any creature within 100’ that
has a language.
Darkvision 60 feet.
Psionics(Sp): 3/day – charm monster, daze, detect thoughts, feather fall, levitate, shatter, suggestion. 1/day - plane shift.
Spell Resistance(Ex): 17

This posting as a character alone, doesn't do it justice at all, but leaving the stats out of it kind of feels empty. Together though, it feels much better, you can see how strong the character is, without spending a paragraph paraphrasing what he can do with his strength, you just look at the stat.

Ria Hawk:
I can see what you're saying.  But what if they don't play D20 System?  What if they play GURPS, or FUDGE, or something weird?  The stats don't mean anything then.  In the end, it's easier to just put up the idea, then let each  GM stat it as necessary.  Less hassle than converting (particularly if you're not familiar with the system you're converting from), and you can give it the stats you feel appropriate.  And not every GM relies on stats at all; despite the fact that I'm a proponent of D20, I've run many, many sessions where I just made up a number off top of my head for hit points and attack when combat was initiated.  Didn't seem to cause a problem.  There's no one right way to stat something, which is why we don't.

Right.. but stat's regardless of the setting can supply groundwork for a conversion, that's how I see it anyhow. I play many different games, I just prefer to stat, I am not saying my way is right or anything, I just believe that stats help, as long as there is sufficient info in place to support the stats. Just putting a bunch of stats and creating a creature doesn't really do anyone any good.


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