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Hello, new to Strolen's Citadel.
I just wanted to say hello while I look around here at the Citadel. As far as my credits for gaming, I designed and compiled work for the first edition of an ezine called "Shadows of the Tower" available at RPGNow as a free download. Click HERE to check it out.
I have another book called "Artifacts of Legend" coming out this week. I love to design and build stuff, mainly d20 and WotC OGL stuff. I love to collaborate with other writers. So there won't be any conflict of interest or anything I am also a Moderator at another gaming site called Barrok's Tower. Well, I look forward to hanging out here at the Citadel and meeting new people.
BTW.. I play Dungeons and Dragons 1e, 2e, 3e, and 3.5. d20 Modern, Palladium system (RIFTS, TMNT, etc.), Shadowrun, Warhammer (FRPG and fantasy battles), d20 Past, Call of Cthulu, Iron Heroes (my fav low magic setting), Arcana Evolved, I love the new Ptolus book from Monte Cook, and there is plenty more.

Hiddy ho, neighbor

I'd collaborate with you. I love 1st editon. (welcome!!)  :up:


Well, I know Strolen will love you, because you like Palladium.
I know CaptainPenguin will like you because you like Call of Cthulu
Murometz Likes you because you like 1st edition.
Me? I have no idea what ANY of those games actually ARE, but I like you because you can string together a sentence or two without excessive chatspeak, emoticons or glaring grammatical or spelling errors. Cudos!  :up:

The only thing that bothers me is not statting NPC's and other creatures. I am really used to statting everything I come up with. Although, this is really one of my only complaints, and other than that it is a pretty cool place.
I love Palladium games, I think their rules system needs some work, but as far as plot and setting, they do an awesome job. I just think that Palladium has lost a lot of talent, their artists have travelled to some greener pastures to make more money, their current money problems are destroying them, and d20 OGL has put a strain on all other gaming.


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