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Translatum.gr is the first Greek Translation Vortal. Its aim is to provide an extensive reference tool for all the matters which involve translators in general, and Greek translators in particular. In order to enhance communication amongst translators, it offers a forum where translators can discuss their issues as well as an on-line translation journal where they can publish their papers.

Another area of focus of Translatum.gr is the publication of electronic texts in order to promote the work of writers and poets; a Greek version of Gutenberg Project so to speak.

Translatum.gr has been created by Spiros Doikas, a translator himself.

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This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer at 800x600. However, if you want a much faster Internet experience we advise you to download Mozilla Firefox browser.

While you can get live translators, there is a full online dictionary so you can pull Greek words to spice up your game.


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