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We do have many, many, many great submissions and ideas, but some of them would simply look better (or make more sense) with a nice picture. Few have the skill to create fitting images on a topic. This thread is here for listing various submissions that would benefit a picture most - so if you are an artist with a bit of spare time, perhaps you'll find here an inspiration. Feel free to add those you consider worthy.

One of them is the Shadow Shrine.

Are you just taking about pictures of buildings? Weapons? Or characters?

Just wondering, as I don't know how good I would be at drawing buildings or weapons, not saying that I won't try - but I am good at characters! ^__^ As proven here.

Does add some inspiration, though...

I am talking about pictures of any kind of submission; particularly the submissions that are hard to describe and imagine... most of the time I guess, it will be items, but creatures and NPCs (and even locations) would be certainly welcome!

It seems we have the first artist - everyone, please suggest interesting posts that would profit from a nice picture. Perhaps we can find something.


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