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Ria Hawk:
Okay, it's time once again to pick the next quest.  Vote for your favorite.  Poll closes on the 31st, quest goes live on Nov 1st.  If you have questions, or if there's something that you just can't live without as a possibility, PM me.

Transports - Write up some vehicle or transport that no one's ever seen before!
Festivals - Every town has 'em, what do your people celebrate?
The Sky - yes, we know.  Something to do with the sky.
Neighborhoods - Self explanatory
City Guards - Who keeps the order in your world?
Plants - For something so basic in the food chain, you think there would be more...
Religious Groups - Because that Cult of the Demon Squirrel needs to go somewhere
Arctic/Tundra Locations - Seriously, there's only four of these.
Mercantile Groups - Basic building blocks of the economy or the secret masters of the world?
Mythic NPCs - It is inevitable that there will arise heroes of legend

Hmm... I have a change of thought - Could I change my vote from plants to The Sky, please? :p

I'll go Mythic NPC, but I'm easy

If we have a tie, do we do either, or both?  For example, it could be: Plants or Mythic NPC, or it could be Mythical Plant NPCs.

If so, dibs on the Jolly Green Giant!

Ria Hawk:


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