Author Topic: - .- I need to know what these things are.....  (Read 1033 times)

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- .- I need to know what these things are.....
« on: September 27, 2006, 08:22:14 AM »

I want to submit sumthin, but i dun know whot these things are....
I'm trying to submit something about an NPC, where do i type the names and all....

- .-

yeah, it's hard for meh to understand all these things..... xD
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Re: - .- I need to know what these things are.....
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2006, 05:07:23 PM »
A'ight.  Without repeating what Strolen's already written down... This is for NPCs.  First you hit Add Submission at the right of the header at the top of the page.

  • Quote
    Submission Title:

    This is the name of the character.  For the Sample we'll call him Ragdar
  • Quote
    Select Influence
      o Campaign
      o Extras
      o Extras-Horde
      o Major
      o Minor
      o Mythic/ Historical
      o Scenario Based

    This is what kinda scope your NPC would have.  If the PCs would see him alot he'd be a Major character, if the setting just would not exist without his influence than he's a Campaign (Defining) character.  Ragdar is just the fence that our thief PC pawns his stuff off on the most, so he's just a minor character.
  • Quote
    Select Focus
      o Agricultural
      o Artistic/Performance
      o Combative
      o Criminal/Espionage
      o Domestic/ Craft
      o Knowledge/Lore
      o Mercantile
      o Mystical
      o Natural
      o Political
      o Religious
      o Technical
      o Travelers

    The NPC's focus is most often how they make their money, even though it could also mean what they're the best at.  You could have George, the ex-gladiator who has revoked the sword and taken up the plow, but he'd probably fall under Combative, because if the PC's searched him out it would be for that, not for his winter squash.  We've already decided that Ragdar is just an 'honest' merchant trying to etch out a living.  That would be merchantile.
  • Quote

    This is a quick way to inter-link submissions that follow the same general idea or occur in the same world.  The freetext link appears in the right of the finished submission, and they can click on it to see other things with the same freetext.  Ex. Muro's "What the heck is that?" Challenge
  • Quote
    Normal Submission

    Normal Submissions are, well, normal.  None of those fancy-schmancy added things.  A Codex is where one submission is binding together quite a few others, and the others will get shown too.  Ex. and These Are Our Churches  A Scroll on the other hand is one submission made by someone, with a lot of other people contributing.  Ex. Books
  • Quote
      o Open
      o Locked

    These are just telling whether or not people are allowed to suggest submissions from the bar thingy at the bottom of the submission.  When it's open anyone can suggest, if it's closed only you can.
  • The Submission options are pretty self explainitory, if you want to submit it now set it to normal, otherwise choice between varying shades of In Work.
  • Quote
      o BBCode

    Are you copy and pasting your post from a forum that uses BBcode? This should take your basic BBcode (only , , and for now) and translate it into HTML goodness and retain your original formatting.

  • Quote

    If you had anyone help with a significant part of the submission and you want to give them credit for it, put their user ID here.
  • The Summary is that section of flavor text that appear on all the lists, and at the very start of the submission.
  • And then there's the body of it.  If you aren't going to fill out all of those headings (Appearance, History/Background, Special Equipment, Roleplaying Notes), or you aren't going to even follow them, than just delete them.  Leaving them there, but untouched, when you go to submit the final thing is generally bad.
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Re: - .- I need to know what these things are.....
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2006, 07:31:52 AM »
Hey thanks! xD

I'm sorry i had to ask, i don't really have the time to understand all these things as i am quite busy right now.
hmm.... since i really suck at explaining things for my vocabulary is quite limited, is it fine if i just send a drawing as to how my characters are supposed to look like?
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Re: - .- I need to know what these things are.....
« Reply #3 on: September 28, 2006, 02:20:44 PM »
This is a mistake. You want our "FREEFORM" section in which you can roleplay. This section here is NOT for roleplaying.

You need to take your time to find the freeform roleplaying section and then a game you wish to join.
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