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Barbarian Horde:
Evening all, I am Voldon, New to Citadel. I'm just saying hi and am looking forward to Role playing with you all. I am a big fan of Role playing games. Right now to this forum I am a Newbie since I am not sure on history and what not so if anyone would like to fill me in, on an email or what not, your more than welcomed. Alright well just dropping in to say hi. Hope to roleplay with you all.

forgot to log in on that first reply.  :lol:

History isn't really important. Just read the thread and say your two-bits. BTW, Welcome!

I am rather new myself. Apart from an evil Penguin Pirate, you shoud do fine. (No matter what he tells you, do not hail 5) The accomodations are nice as well as the people, although a little strange. Welcome, and join in any activities you may wish.
  *walks away flashing deadly longbow and pointy ears*

and one more thing, Captainpenguin isn't bad, just misguided!


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