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Surprising turn of events.


Greetings, my name is Lord Ferahgo, though you may call me Sniperspy (The name comes from my stealth abilities and my pinpoint accuracy with my longbow). I am afraid I am not sure as to where this place may be. My kingdom and I were in battle against the most vile of wicked magicians, the Evil Sorcerer Phage. Driven mad by his brothers raise to power (that would be me by the way). He grew vengeful towards my kingdom. Driven by this hatred, his Sorcerer's powers grew steadily, and all of its malice was directed unto us. I personally headed a mass assult upon his fortress, and a great battle ensued. In the end, victory was ours, but my brother got off a final curse as he fell under my blade. We had no idea what this curse may be, and thought it had dissapated along with Phage. Yet as we slept last night, a cold, heavy darkness covered my kingdom, and upon waking, our world was gone, and My kingdom was now attached to your world.
   There is my story, and to whom do I have the pleasure of conversing with? Also, where and what is this place?

"Harhar!" comes a shout from the citadel kitchen. A gigantic barrel rolls toward with a sloshing noise. On top is a penguin in a ridiculous pirate costume waving a wooden toy sword.
"Greetings, Lord Whats-yer-name! I be Cap'n Penguin! Have yerself some grog and get ready for food offers, d'arr!"

Duilwen Dairuin:
The Grey Elf nods at you, "I've only just arrived here myself, but if I can be of service, you only need ask."

Wait, Duilwen, I thought you were a Tyrannical Pig Dictator?

Ria Hawk:
A brown-haired woman wanders past, reading a book.  "Welcome to Strolen's Citadel.  I'm Ria Hawk.  Don't mind any wierdness.  Some of us are insane.  But in the good way."


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