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Since the International Talk Like A Pirate Day drew dangerously near, we ought to have a juicy, salty piratey submission in honour of this glorious day (see this Citadel thread).

Who is up for the challenge? The winner recieves, besides fame everlasting and a genuine treasure map, the right to propose another challenge for some other day of note.

Or is there only landlubbers here, eh? Arrrr!

Ancient Gamer:
*Prepares for a landslide of Depp wannabe posts*


Would 'ye dare ta' call Me out, ya lubber!  I boarded more ships and ha' been slapped by more wenches by the tyme I saw me first beard than ye'll e'er lay eyes on! I'll ne'er me mocked by the likes of ye!

Prepare te' be boarded!

An' besides, that Depp guy's a poser!  I'll be doin' bad impressions of pirates from long before HIS time!

yeah, but did you ever weave Keith Richards into your pirate routine?

By the powers!  I made Corvorane's Cave a score afore this scurvy challenge.

Aye, but another buccaneer may be in order.  To the pens, lads!  Write yer piratical subs, ya wretches!


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