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Duilwen Dairuin:
Hey eveyone!

It's so cool when you find a new set of forums and there are people you know running around (you know who you are  :wink:)

To those of you I don't know, I would like to greet you!

Hello to you too. It's a pleasure to meet you.

"YARR, MATEY! I be Cap'n Penguin!" screams a penguin in a ridiculous pirate captain get-up. "Welcome teh the Citadel! Pray tell, who do yeh know?"

Duilwen Dairuin:
Lady Wiccan Wolf & Lewd Beholder.

Thanks for the greetings, friends.

Duilwen Dairuin:
Hm... question about the HP MP XP thing underneath avatars... could someone explain what that is about?


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