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Lets looks for some good Star Trek Game Links

This is not one of them.  It is not bad, but it is not great. It might be merely good.


Not that I'm a big Star Trek fan, but how's this one? Seems fun.


Noy really a game site, but the amount of time that went into this, the backgrounds and the graphics make it definately worth a read. Deals alot with transitional technology from fusion missles to photon torpedoes, advancement in warp drive, and the switch from deuterium fusion to M/AM reactors. The parts on the Romulan War are very good as well as the halting development of the Klingon war machine. Great stuff.

The Lancaster, Constitution, and Yorktown/Minotaur entries were some of my favs.

Alpha Memory is the Star Trek Wiki.  Again, not a gaming site, but chock full of vital information nutrients for your daily Trek intake.


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