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Well, it seems that Voyage of the Empress has stalled out in the ocean, and lacking all of the starting players I do not feel inclined to continue the game. Sigh.

Now in the Chat I was asked when I would start the next RP. Well, I would say probably in a couple of days in light of the request. So this is the heads up.

Old School
While not using any of the mechanics, I want to run an old school, back in the day, swords and sorcery Dungeons and Dragons inspired game. That means wizards and warlocks, thieves, dragons, orcs, talking trees, elven oracles...the whole nine yards. Magic is, it isn't oppressed and subjected by the populace, nor is it massively present.

A quick heads up, any of the stuff I have submitted to the Citadel is likely to be included in the game, with the K'tonian Hegemony and associated legacies making an appearance. I will likely also use some of the stuff from the Random Encounter Scrolls that I have started.

Character stuff (Fill out and send to me in PM)
(Leave blank at this time, after character info is submitted I will roll up six attribute scores and send back in PM for you to assign to attributes as you like)
Weapon Skillz
Warriors - 4
pick four weapons, more than one slot can be used on a weapon for increased skill with said weapon. Example 1 slot is basic use, 2 allows for a bonus on attack or a special/signature move, 3 can add two moves, 4 can add 3 advanced moves. Exp move - Max Dmg attack -attack deals max damage, can only be used once per combat. Only warriors may stack weapon skillz)
Rogue - 3
(No heavy, or two handed weapons)
Cleric - 2
(1 MUST be favored weapon of diety)
Wizard - 1

Other Skillz
Other non-combat non weapon skills like horseriding, spellcraft, swimming, etc
Warriors - 5
Rogues - 6
Clerics - 7
Wizards - 8

Color Intro
Introductory paragraph introducing the PC. After approval, this paragraph can be added to the OOC thread.

Kewl Powerz
Mages and Clerics must submit spell lists with character submissions, with 2 basic spells, and 4 cantrip type spells. More spells can be sent, but if more are sent I will pick the ones that would be best suited. I am familiar with Dungeons and Dragons spells.

When a PC levels up his character, he may opt for another class, or can level his PC up to the next level in current class. One class must remain dominant, so a third class cannot be added until the PC has at least 1 more level in primary (starting) class. Thus a Mage can add a level of thief at second becoming a lv 1 Mage, Lv 1 Thief. He cannot add a third class until he is a lv 2 Mage, Lv. 1 thief. He cannot add a level to his thief class until his mage class is higher.

Will add more once my victims...I mean players start raising their hands in this thread and sending me character info.

Quick update

After talking with Muro in the chat, he will be taking this over, and I will be instead playing. Forward your PMs to him!


once upon a time, long long ago....

the game will be free-flowing. PCs will not be railroaded into any particular "story". Anything goes. 

Only note so far is the game will commence in a "generic" world. By that I mean the world will certainly be specific, but you dont need to know anything prior to playing, other than some notes I can send each of you, once I take a look at the characters.

The game will begin (I'll figure out the hows and whys soon enough) in a large city, but can then go (and will) in many directions as far as locales, plots, etc...Much of the story will be driven by your character's actions. I do however have tricks up my sleeve, so stay tuned. As Scras mentioned, do NOT be surprised to encounter people, places, things, that are found on the main site.  :P

Nuff said for now.

all questions, comments, suggestions are welcome!

I'm in.  Will write up character at school tomorrow and send it to you Muro.

I am in.
:knight: Forsooth!  It shall be as the days of olde!


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