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Tears to Rain
« on: September 08, 2006, 06:06:26 AM »

Drawings of sunsets are indistinguishable from those of sunrises.  So it is with Westbrow; no tourist can tell if the city is in the midst of tearing itself apart or pulling itself out of chaos.  Most newcomers think the twisting streets are more difficult than a labrynth, and immediately buy a map from one of the street vendors.  This is actually the worst possible thing one can do, since most maps contain artibrary, incorrect labels and nearly unreadable street names with are useless anyway since most streets are unlabeled.  They say the best thing to do is to just ask around, since that dumb expression on your face is going to set you apart anyway.  Unless you are the freewheeling, adventurous type with no life so speak of.  If thats the case, you might as well just wander the streets aimlessly and see what kind of trouble you can get into.  If you're lucky, you'll fit in with the nobility and live in high towers with views over the city walls and out to the bay.  If you're unlucky, or just a scoundrel, you'll sink below the streets and into the dark underworld that thrives in old catacombs and abandoned (or not abandoned...) sewers.  Both paths may lead into the castles.

OOC [rules]:

Imagine someone with a very small brain, like me.  Now imagine that that person, like my imaginary girlfriend, really isnt into RPG rules and characters with long descriptions and fifty billion abilities.  Now imagine this person is reading this game, or whatever, and all they want is a good time.  Write for that person.

Cliche stuff is out.  Also, please do not throw in five syllable adjectives because you think thats good writing.  Also, I grew up in some kind of gross combination of backwater town and suburbia -- I have a tendency to talk like the ignorant American I am and so will my characters.  Your characters can too.  Its a fantasyland where people talk like 21st century middle class Americans from NOT west philly.

I want to have fun.  A quick little game.  Little emphasis on rules, more emphasis on character development, plot, description.  Also, I've never done anything on this site before, and I dont know what I'm doing, so I may do things wrong.  Maybe, just maybe, this will turn into an epic tale of multimilliondollarmoviedeal proportions.  Maybe some day I will meet a cute girl in a wierd little bookshop, like the one next to UPenn's (its a college) campus, and I will use this story to impress her with my breathtaking word skills.  Maybe I will echo alone in here with my pathetic little story.  Whatever.

If you join...please, uh, introduce your character ingame by just writing them in.  Or you can post a character sheet thing.  Remember, I have a small brain.  Please limit the number of specialawesomesuperpowers to three, or some number smaller than three.  And please keep them close to realism, magic that blends into the physical world.  Blowing on the end of your staff for light (like Gandalf in Lord of the Rings) is preferable to having a fireball floating above your hand for illumination.  Having the ability to throw a dagger and make it act like a homing missle is preferabble to being able to summon 50 million magical daggers at your opponent.  Having a cloak thats dark grey on one side and dark green on the other is cooler than turning invisible.  Or whatever.

As for the world, and the mechanics, and everything...I've just watched Memoirs of a Geisha, House of Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and some old Ronin Warriors (a.k.a. Samurai Troopers) episodes, so thats the kind of world.  Asian.  Medivalish.  Maybe a tragic love story, maybe a group of 5 adolescents donning magic armor for ridiculous battles and campy dialogue.  I dont know.  I'm going to play a character.  And I guess some NPCs or something.  Feel free to introduce new characters or whatever.


Sasha's eye twitched a few times before she was awake enough to open it.  When she finally did, she sat up in her bed and lit a candle.  Through the thin canopy she could see him standing less than two strides away.


"Princess," the words danced out of his mouth as he bowed in respect.

"What are you doing here?"  Sasha asked.

"I have a mission for you," answered Rayne.

"I've left that life behind.  Got tired of people lying to me."

"When I lied to you, what I said was a lie I was hoping to make true by saying it."

"Yeah, well another mission isnt likely to help that."

"No, but it might help you sleep better," countered Rayne.  "Might give you something else to dream about."

Sasha scowled.  Her nightmares were her own business.  "What do you want me to do?"  she asked.

"Go to Westbrow.  A conspiracy is unfolding there which threatens not only the government, but every person living there."

Sasha had fallen asleep again before she was aware Rayne had left.  When she woke the next morning, she drew her curtains and lit seven candles.  Sitting before them, in the dark, she began to meditate.  When all awareness of the outside world had faded, her lips began to tremble.  Her knuckles gre white, until single tear rolled down her left cheek.  She stood and left the candles burning.  Her parents would find them and know she had run away, but they would be wholly ignorant of her plight or purpose.

One week later, Sasha stood inside one of the many entrances of Westbrow.