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The 30: The thirty miscellaneous people who are part of some group. These are drop and play personalities for a given group.
30 Barkeeps
30 Policemen
30 Guildsmen
30 Mages
30 Rangers
30 Space Marines
30 Court Nobles
30 Androids

The 30 is an exercise in character creation. Each member is part of a group or organization or professional archetype. Each of these characters is basically the same (in terms of skills and mechanics) with some minor differences. They are provided here as a quick grab for a group member's personality and chrome.

Each character will be listed by its archetype or personality hook (in bold), and one to three lines of description. See the submissions in this group for examples.

Behold, the 30 Kings,

dibs on 30 Mages...already started yo!

Another thirty?!  When will the chaos stop?!

Enjoy the 30 Priests.

Ria Hawk:
I claim 30 Aristocrats


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