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The End is Nigh

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Coded text found amongst a cache of human remains, clay beer steins, and ceremanic bowls with remnants of what some swear is smashed, spiced tomato.

"...it came in twos. Two by two till there were two. Two is the number and two it will be and has become. The taste of two is in the air and the feeling of two is in the ground. Two is pledged and Two will remain until Two is all that is known. One will be dispatched as silently as a bat's whisper and One will be as an impregnable vault. One is no more and One is no longer. In this way it will come to the land by Ones that begot Two. Both silent and obvious will be the sign. As one sun rises and one moon sets there will be Two that are left and that is how it will remain until the next coming.

And the voices cried from the creative void, "Why, why has though destroyed our lands? Why can I no longer plant my inconsequence, why can I no longer forge my natter?"

"It was foretold." Chanted the prophet from Inspire.

"My lands have refused me and my home has rejected me," the inspirational void begged.

"It was foretold. These lands were not meant for you. Through mass and insignificance you have taken what belongs to others and shaped into continuous unuseability. You have overwhelmed the land burying the true treasure. When men walk, they see the quick destruction of what has taken years to build. They see the quick buildup of that which will never last. It was foretold, the meaningful will once again replace the meaningless." So spoketh Charles de Wit Knight of the Dame Dame

Ancient Gamer:
And the rabble despaired, for doom was upon them. All their prayers to no avail, all their natter for the crows to feast upon!
It is a cruel, cruel world!

And so it came that Non Senz no longer preached of GAHZZAHGK.  And a blissful silence reigned for minutes.  But soon the quill was taken up and ink was laid down into the Most Divine of His Books of Natter.  But many were happy still, for the floodgates had closed and all was as it should've been at creation.

Brilliance! The second I started reading Strolen's first post, the One Winged Angel (Sephiroth) Theme from Final Fantasy Advent Children started playing. Such atmosphere! Such dreaded portent!


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