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The End is Nigh

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And the clouds opened up on the enigmatic echoes of nonesense and a voice boomed across the land....

"The End is Nigh"

And the prophets gathered and wrote many words of prediction and prophecy through ominous fear and confusion in response to this otherworldy threat.

"Great waste will be laid to the land and that which was known will become unknown." Torn Rope, Medwick Scholar

"Threads of promise [for some] will become oathbreakers and martyrs." Page Wendel the Seer and provoker of much nonsense

"Great locks will be placed on threads that have fallen on disrepair of anything pertinant to sane comprehension." Tortle the Rabbit - insignificant multiplyer of unwit

"Threads will be locked. Threads will be pruned. Once inane natter is more manageable conversation will be more groomed." Strolen the tyrant before the natter apocolypse

"Too much focus on nonsense detracts from anti-nonsense and useful conversation." Wise Scribbler of Stuff Which

"It was total devestation and destruction but, like a pheonix from the ashes, all was turned to beauty and then made more sense." Ischta Gorbinsaw the Elder

wow...I love these prophets (and their names). Particularly joyful are: Ischta Gorbinsaw, Torn Rope, and Tortle the insignificant multiplier (of unwit).


Excert from the book of Wunderrir

And in those days there was a great many things said by the peoples of the Tower.  And for a great time He was pleased.  Until one day he looked and saw much discordant inanity.  Though a few were true to his teachings there were still a great many how babbled without thought, and much was said that opposed His great vision.  So the Lord spoke unto the rabble and the great multitude was warned.  But many called unto Him, "And what, Strolen, is it acceptable to speak of?"

And so the scholars searched the alcoves for verse, lore, and wisdom to guide the wayward and they found a yellowed parchment that predicted and praised the coming of the cleansing.

In the time of the dungeon which comes after the shard yet before the [text undecipherable] the followers of Non Senz will become abundant and their words will spread as a plague across the land. And it is not the content of the message they bring but the quantity the messages that will destroy the countryside and leave it barren. It is in this time of great need that a power will come upon that land and smite down these excesses and bring light and wealth back to the land in the form of twofold moderation. The people will once again rejoice as the masters of excess are returned lovingly to their original homes where they may continue to live in peace with the land and practice their enigmatic echoes.

wow...this is a great thread!  :lol: :up:

I'm enjoying the gospels! Then what happened?


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