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Author Topic: Tell Me About Your Writing Station  (Read 59 times)

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Tell Me About Your Writing Station
« on: September 11, 2014, 11:26:07 PM »
Tell me a little about your writing station, simple enough.

For me, it's a laptop, sitting on the sofa, typically with a cat over my shoulder (I have 4 cats, they take turns)

I like ambient background noise, and for that my typical go to is www.coffitivity.com/. It's generic and it's free. Alternately I have Sirius XM satellite Radio through my cable TV provider and will listen to Octane (new hard rock) Lithium (90s, Alt, and Grunge) or if I'm feeling distracted, XMU Coffeehouse (crappy acoustic versions of popular songs, you must be listening to Coffeehouse!)

I also have a google window open to a stop watch, which helps me keep my focus, I can better pay attention to when I go off task, looking for some information on Wikipedia, or doing reference research, or just looking at boobs and cat pictures.

I also have one of those wax scent diffusers with the light bulb in it (see 4 cats comment) and currently I am running honeysuckle and lemon citrus wax in it.

Morning writing sessions have coffee, evening writing sessions have beer, and I alternate between PBR and craft brew (you can't really appreciate steak if you don't eat some bologna from time to time)

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Re: Tell Me About Your Writing Station
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2014, 02:09:11 AM »
For me it is in my office, which is a place my wife has decorated, but in which I have introduced boyish manly props, to try to make the setting my own.

I am somewhat of a scatterbrain, so I will jump from this interest to that while trying to write. I will read the news, then watch some horror prank youtube clips, then I will get caught up in my Twitter stream, and try to catch up with what interests me in this world.

Then I will write some words, lose focus and wind up at Instagram, looking at all the nice pictures that people deem fit to upload. (I have to confess, their threshold of uploading pics is lower than mine).

By now I realize that I have to produce something, so I turn on classical and/or theatrical movie music for fantasy or sci-fi films. Then I start a typing, and I type and type for an hour or three. Then I get caught up in an interesting turn of events, and I -need- to make it grand, so I lock my workstation and leave my desk.

I go for a walk, for an hour or two, and I think about what I should write.

Then I return to the workstation with whatever ideas I got, and I write them down.

I used to be better at this process, and ten years ago my field trips would include me, whispering and cursing, preparing for my roleplaying session with high pitched shrieks and low grumbles.

Yes, I got a few odd stares back then... but it was fun.

Oh, and my preferred workstation is a 2 year old gamer PC. It has the most comfy setup, but I also have numerous laptops I could utilize. Currently my Asus Gamer's Republic laptop is my laptop of choice, except for watching movies, in which case I use a smaller Lenovo Yoga 2 Ideapad. Earlier I used a 13" Airbook, but it seems dated now.
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