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Ok. After writing up the one and only Strolen Dice game, Copywrite and TM of 2006... The name came into question. So what we have here is the name game for the dice game. Vote for your favorite, or throw in a new one. This is just a silly poll that those who choose the winner will get, a whole lot of not much from me but a lot of thanks and a pat on the E-Back for your effort.

For those who have not read the new dice game follow the link here New Dice Game

<fixed the link: it pointed to the edit page>

What was wrong with Knuckle Roller? That is my favorite.


--- Quote from: Strolen on August 03, 2006, 11:56:33 AM ---What was wrong with Knuckle Roller? That is my favorite.

--- End quote ---

Added per request. :D I don't know it just didn't have the BAM type of name i was wanting it to have.

More people voted on this than I originally thought. I think Ill leave it up for about a week to see if things change any. Thanks guys.

Interesting choice of a name... not complete or finished just yet...


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