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tarock ashar:
This place looks pretty cool.  
My name is tarock ashar
I am a bit of a RPG fanatic.  Just a bit though.
I am currently working on a Forum RPG and a D&D campaign.  This looks like the perfect place to perfect my RPG and do a little RPing

You already got my attention.

You will find these fine feathered (or scaled, or furry) friends here to have an over abundance of ideas and opinions so feel free to let loose your ideas.

Welcome, welcome!!!

The dragon that came out of the nearby caves says, "a new adittion is always welcome. I hope you find in this citadel all what you need, now if you excuse me the winds are changing and i need to hunt my dinner".

A penguin in a ridiculous pirate captain get-up charges forward rolling an enormous wooden barrel.
"D'arr! Have yerself a merry little Eastern Rabbit's Day! Share the grog, folks!"

Don't let Strolen mislead you, some of us are humanoid.

Be welcome, and I hope to see some of your thoughts out on the boards.


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