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Ancient Gamer:
Okay, so I calculated the average score per vote. This way Hall of Honour and Golden Nominations got into consideration. It is a purely mathematically determined list, based on average XP score. Of course I deducted the 10 XP boost for quests so the low vote quests did not get any advantages.

There was so much fuzz about the official list, I went to math to get an answer!

--- Quote ---Unofficial Winner:
Mountain of Boats: (9)

Unofficial Runner Up:
Corovorane's Cave: (7.5)

The Rest of the list in decreasing order:
3. Crawlers of the Dark: (6.9)
4. Illyana's Palace: (6.4)
5. Torrent Falls: (6.3)
5. Noil Ruins: (6,3)
7. Mugama, the Gold that is not: (5.8 )
8. Malicious Archeology: (5.3)
9. The Great Barrow: (5.2)
10. Hellgate Prison: (5)
11. Barrows of the First Men: (4.4)
12. Tower of Inversion: (4.3)
13. House of the White Apes: (4.2)
14. The Red Ghost and the Crypt of the Ebony Princess: (4)
14. Pegoran Doors: (4)
14. Caern of the Steam Bringers: (4)
17. An ecological Dungeon 3: Spirits and Unliving: (3.5)
18. The Miscreant Labyrinth: (3.4)
19. Dungeon National Park: (2.6)
20. The Littered Halls: (2.1)
21. Altar of the Sun: (0)

--- End quote ---

Seems like Mountain of Boats is the winner which ever way we look at it! ;)
Dang, MoB RULES. Look at that lead!

Congrats as the winner of the unofficial list, CP!

Cool I made the top ten at least.


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