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Ria Hawk:
Okay.  Here are the finalists for the dungeon quest.  Pick your top two, and post them in order of preference.  You must vote to be eligible to win; however, you are not allowed to vote on your own entry.  Voting closes on the 15th.

1.  The Noil Ruins
2.  The Mountain of Boats
3.  Illyana's Palace
4.  Mugama, the Gold That is Not
5.  Covorane's Cave

I'm surprised that AG's isn't up there... Tsk tsk, Citadellians.

1. Noil Ruins
2. Corvorane's Cave

Ria Hawk:
My vote:

1.  Covorane's Cave
2.  The Mountain of Boats

Oh, what an oversight.

But to the voting:
1. The Mountain of Boats
2. Illyana's Palace

Ancient Gamer:
1. Mountain of Boats
2. Corovorane's Cave
2. Noil Ruins

Sorry, but I have been back and forth between Corovarane's and Noil for quite some time. In my eyes they both have unique qualities. When I first read the Cave it resembled the works of my youth too closely for me to be impressed, but in retrospect I see that Dozus did quite well.
So I changed my vote from Noil to Corvorane. Now I just don't know. Noil Ruins is extremely well written. I cannot decide.

I award both 0.5 points. If that is impossible, I refrain from giving the second vote. If so, it is just MoB that gets a vote from me.


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