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Lewd Beholder:
Greetings Mortals, I am he who is the Lewd Beholder, a veteran gamer, who has only gotten back into D&D relatively recently.

I've played pretty much every game under the sun (including macho chicks with guns and all flesh must be eaten)

I used to be really fond of palladium games and will even have a book published when they actually figure out the meaning of a deadline, and would like to say...FEAR ME!!!

Just kidding mortals.

Catchya later.

Welcome Lewd Beholder. Welcome to our big happy, slightly insane, family :mrgreen:. I think you'll fit in here just fine.

BTW, be prepared to be flooded with food offers.

Lewd Beholder:
food offers...okay I'll bite.

What about food offers?

Well, Kassil tends to offer doughnuts, Lady Wiccan Wolf  does popcorn, and Grimalkin seems to be offering stew to any one who wants any. There may be others, but I can't remember them right now and I'm too lazy to look.

He knows about Lady Wolf and I, I think.

LEWD! Good to see you! Going to share your ten-foot-pole wisdom here?

Have a doughnut!


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