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Erylinne, the Waking World
« on: July 24, 2006, 09:15:40 PM »
In ancient days, Erylinne tells us, a great empire spanned the stars. An empire of strange creatures, whom she calls 'Man.' She speaks of this Man in a loving voice, the voice of a daughter for her fathers. Of how they planted her, in the soil of the world when the Sun was new. Of how they made her a beautiful world of peace and beauty. And she speaks of the time of their coming, of strange creatures from another place who contended with Man for the realm of the stars. And she tells of the horrid time, of the time when her sky boiled and her people died, of the burning of the forests and plains, and of the cold darkness and silence that followed for lengths of time we cannot understand. And she tells us how we owe her all...




The History of Humanity has ended. Having fought to mutual extinction with another race of star-travelers, their Empire has collapsed and died, leaving behind only ruined worlds filled with their footprints and ways of life. A half-billion years later, the first glimmers of civilization have begun to arise anew in this ravaged galaxy, raising their hammers to beat their bronze into crude plowshares and swords, urged along by their worlds themselves, worshipping them as gods.

This is intended to be played during the late bronze / early iron age of one of these worlds, as mankind's grandchildren fight amoungst themselves for sole possession of an artificial eden, using sword, shield, and scavenged phaser. In turn, they are deftly manipulated and shaped by Erylinne, whom they name the goddess of life and death, who provides the world with bountiful harvests and terrible weapons.

Adventures should involve interracial politics, as well as delving into the ancient ruins for 'magic' artifacts. There is no true magic here, only the blessings of Erylinne, who acts like a tempermental goddess over these people, bringing bounty and disaster in alternate turns. Some few may speak with her and request miracles, but others must rely on the ever-more tempermental devices left behind by humanity for 'magic'. No one can ever say when they will quit, or when a long dormant piece may come active again...


Earthlike world - 25 hr day, 1.15 standard G. Terran-normal atmosphere. Previously Fully Terraformed.

AI control system:

Erylinne is AI in direct interface with weather, tectonic, bio-forming systems, and factories. Having spent the last half-billion years without mankind, she is no longer quite sane in the ways she used to be. She is obsessed with the idea of 'returning man to the galaxy', and seek to make a spacefaring race out of one of her child races as swiftly as possible, in hopes of them being able to find the genetic data of a human, even if just preserved corpses, out there somewhere.

Having been an agricultural and artistic colony, Erylinne's databases are rich in information for bringing forth the bounty of the bio-sphere, but she lacks the patterns and ability to build all but the most minor of weapons and cannot build ships at all, a few simple automatons being the pinnacle of her factory capability.. or at least, it would be, if she had materials to build them with.

And so, she has carefully coaxed along evolution on her world to bring forth species who show glimmers of intelligence, of civilization, in hopes of making them her hands and feet. She drives them to compete with each other fiercely, every great war bringing forth new inventions, new brilliant technologies. Fire, the club, the spear, the sword, the mounted creature. She can taste it now, the tasks of millions of years sure to bring fruit within the next tens of thousands... if only she can maintain control of these fickle creatures.

The Competitors:

No less than five races compete for the honor of being Erylinne's chosen, the children whom she has promised the jewels of the twin moons.

1: The Kraa: Descended from an arctic predatory mammaloid, the beaked, furry Kraa maintain a clan-culture, further impressed upon them by Erylinne's vague stories about 'Israelites'. Their roughly bipedal form stands almost eight Terran feet tall, though they are also far broader than the old human standard. They are well known amoung the races of Erylinne for savage cunning and incredible strength and durability.

2: The Sylvalessa: Mutated from a bizaare plant / predator symbiosis, the Sylvalessa have been pressured into a bipedal format by Erilynne with great difficulty. A mammaloid driving a plant-based exoskeleton, the animal gives motion to the plant in turn for nutrients. While generally amoung the more docile of Erylinne's races, they are none the less instinctually capale of vicious bio-warfare, their plant-half driving the creation of wicked toxins. They have attached themselves to the Erylinne's stories of the 'French'.

3: The Suressh: Evolved from the glider-beasts of the swamps, the Suressh are distinctly non-humanoid, the semi-aquatic creatures shaped roughly like manta-rays, manipulating their environment, as well as locomoting on land, by way of tough tentacles that retract into a pouch along their bottom side. There have been reports of Suressh with bones light enough to abandon the water for the currents of the sky, but clearly, this is the result of the reporters eating too many color-fungi. They have rejected Erylinne's stories of humanity, and have carved their own culture, based around the pods they naturally live in.

4: The Paran: Centauroid in shape, these creatures are the descendants of the six-legged predator-felines of the southern planes, though they have  bent more erect to allow the use of their first two paws for tools. They have retained, however, their wicked claws and fangs, and have attached themselves to Erylinne's stories of the 'Golden Horde'.

5: The Bzrt: Descended from an insectoid creature, these chitinous creatures bear a superficial resemblence to a giant version of the old-earth wasp, their winged an alternating bright yellow and dull grey, supported by two strong legs, while four arms are their tool-manipulators, each bearing a mere three fingers. Their name comes not from the sound of their wings, but rather, from their primary personal weapon, a large battery of cells not entirely unlike that of the electric eel of old Terra, enabling them to generate stunning arcs of electricity between the lower pair of the arms. They have an intricate, symbolic society full of many, many castes and duties, all relationships strictly defined by caste and rank. They choose to draw parallels between themselves and the Mother Goddess's stories of 'Chinese.'
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Re: Erylinne, the Waking World
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2006, 10:25:16 PM »
Is Erylinne a single, massive, centralized computer or a large and spread out network of smaller computers?
Are any of the systems starting to run down and break?  Starting with periphial systems with minor glitches, leading to full scale failure of stuff like Imperial Paper Shredders and Mechanical Lefthanded Smokeshifters.
How do they talk to Ery? Are there specific telephones that you can talk to her through or is the entire plant bugged?

Beyond those couple that I could think of right now, I like this setting it's cool and makes sense in a way. 
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Re: Erylinne, the Waking World
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2006, 04:16:08 AM »
I like this.  I agree with the question above: what form does Erylinne take?  If people can ask miracles of her, then how do they do it?  How does she reveal information to them?  What is her relationship with the sun/moon?

Ideas: Maybe she doesn't find any one of the races sufficient, and seeks to breed a child or a hybrid of all of them.

Maybe somone does something that makes her furious and she decides to wipe the slate clean (or kill off a whole race) and the PCs have to go on a quest to save their people. 

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Re: Erylinne, the Waking World
« Reply #3 on: July 30, 2006, 02:52:07 PM »
So, how can one speak with the Goddess?

Of course, she could have bugged any place that she wants. Also, with a little (highly advanced) technology, and a good weather, she could possibly listen to any outside location.

As a funny addition, she could require her worshippers to build temples in a certain way, open to the sky... with great sonic properties, so a loud prayer or ceremony would be reflected towards the skies - and clearly heard by Erylinne.
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Re: Erylinne, the Waking World
« Reply #4 on: July 31, 2006, 10:37:49 PM »
The Goddess of Erylinne:

Once, long ago, Man came to this word. Man, who was ancient beyond belief, and who commanded an empire which stretched the stars. Then there was little in the world, nothing but rock and water and and sun, but Man saw that it could be good. He seeded his machines within the world, ranging from massive devices which could push entire continents to the tiniest of recorder machines, no larger than the smallest of creatures, the lowliest of bacterium. And over all them, they put one of their daughters, a mind made of machines, and together, the collective of all the machines would form her body, and her hands, and her eyes, and her ears.

Erylinne is a Class 1 AI, a terraformer. She is fully capable of passing the ancient Turing test, and is also fully capable of handling sensory input in real time, at a scale that dwarves anything a humanoid can even imagine. Her primary objective is to build the word she lives to human habitable, and maintain it in such a state. Her secondary objective is to serve and protect the members of humanity that live on her world - This is currently impossible, given the general form extinction of mankind. A faulty step of logic has given her the idea that her secondary objective means that she must restore mankind to the galaxy, given that extinction.

Erylinne has also been given many of the tools for the job. Her sensory suite is exquisite, ranging from a full(but slowly failing) network of self-reparing satellites, to hundreds of seismic sensors, clear down to the nanosensors which give her a limited network of both visibility and sound throughout the planet. Quite literally, she knows all that goes on in the world, as the human privacy shielded zones are now lost. Lost as well, unfortunately, are many of her mid-level tools. While the great planetary systems are hardened, and the small ones are easily replaced, she lost many of her drones in the Skorlach cleansing of her biosphere.

Her continental manipulators still function, allowing her to manipulate the earth in massive amounts, utilizing the power of the earthquake to create mountains, valleys, within the natural limits of the continental masses. Her weather manipulators still mostly function, giving her power over the storm and sky and sea, within gross limts. Single lightning strikes, small rains, are beyond her precision. Still, she can do much to guarantee a harvest somewhere, if she so chooses.

Most of her drones have been destroyed, meaning that she no longer has soldiers, policemen, or manufacturers. The ancient factories, can, in theory, be repaired, but it will require something a world does not have: hands, and an understanding mind to work them. Only so much can be accomplished by rote commands.

What does, however, still function, are the bio-factories and at least a portion of their attendants. These have allowed her to restore the worlds bio-sphere, using the sequences available to her to splice and experiment as best she can, in order to achive her new secondary purpose. 

Finally Erylinne has the micro-sensors. Responsible for repair of the other machines and the bulk of her sensory input, these machines have a comparatively short life span.. but are capable of self reproduction upon command. These machines are capable of only limited pre-processing of the environment, and are not capable of significantly harming most living beings, though they can infect one, causing a mild 'disease'.