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Callista Miala Moonshade:
 In a small quiet town an old man sat looking out of his bedroom window, his breath making patterns on the frosted glass. Down below screams of pain and anguish filled the air as the dark beings filled the town ravaging anything they could get there disfigured claws on. The man closed his eye's and turned away from the window there stood in the middle of the room was another man a tall, stick-like man with shrunken features. His hair a jet black and his cloths were to match his hair colour. his eyes glimmered evily at the old man "Are you willing to give up the girl yet or not?" The old man looked to the floor and then looked at a wardrobe out of the corner of his eye, he looked to the floor again "Do not ignore me Han" came the shrill dark voice of the man in the middle of the room. "You can do what you wish i shall never tell you" Han said with more bravery than he really had "Then you condem these people to death" The dark man raised a hand and brought it down to his side again hastily. The screams added in intensity as more and more demons filled the town ravaging those who came in there way. "And you also shall die" came the dark whisper in Han's ear. The dagger plunged into the mans neck........   

         Lessa sat up sharply sweat rolling down her pretty face. Her bright green eye's moved swiftly from left to right making sure she was alone. Lessa had been having the same dream for over a week now, and it seemed to lenghten each time. Lessa lifted a hand to her face and wipped the sweat away from her eye's. The room was dark with only a small candle lighting up one corner. She had been paying to stay in the 'black mans shoes' for that night untill she had rested and was ready to set out again. Lessa stood up and felt a heavy weight in her cloak as she had fallen to sleep with it on. She reached inside and looked at the tiny glowing dragon pendant. It's faint golden glow illuminated Lessa's face. She had long, light brown hair with streaks of golden blonde. Her nose was small but pointed which distinguished her fine cheek bones. Her lips were a lushus red which seemed to shimmer in the dim light. Her perfect complexion completed it all. Her body was well defined her long, slim legs which led to a muscle ridden stomach and on to a perfect bosom, Her arms were strong, her finger long and slender. Lessa brushed down her white shirt and long black tight trousers. The shirt only had three buttons done up the others were undone and the trousers showed her thing legs. Lessa slipped her heavy riding boots on and hefted her sword onto her back. The bar downstairs was still open 'At this time of night' thought Lessa as she looked round to see if she could find the time. Lessa shrugged and walked slowly out of the room and down the winding stairs. Lessa entered a large room with tables and chairs scattered around the room, some people sat on there own staring dismuley into the cups as if waiting for it to refill on its own. other sat in a group chatting loudly and occasionaly letting out a guwaff of laughter. Lessa rolled her eyes at the sight of the Inn and walked to the bar "Couldn' sleep Ms lessa?" Asked the bartender Broll "No Broll, an elvish wine please" Broll nodded and walked to get a glass from the back. He filled it quickly and pushed it towards her and then waddled of to serve an old man who had started getting bad tempered. Lessa smiled slightly and walked towards the table near the back in the shadows facing the door. Lessa sat down her green eye's forever scanning the room looking for any danger of any sort. She took a sip of her drink and stared unblinkingly at the door. 

A man in a cloak approached Lessa in a very sleek manor. The Cloak concealed many scrolls that the man carried with him, and a small banjo was roped to his back. As he approached her, he tilted his traveling hat at Lessa and asked her with such articulation, "Do you mind if I sit here Miss?"

Callista Miala Moonshade:
Lessa looked at the man cautiosly and then nodded. Her deep green eyes looking over every inch of his body just to make sure he was no threat. She took a swig from her drink then placed it back on the table, leaning back she rested her feet on a bar under the table. "What's your name?" Came her soft floating voice. Lessa tossed her hair back from her face and smiled. 

The man unequiped the musical instrument and laid it next to him as he sat down with a slightly firm grasp. "The name's Noah. I'm a traveling a musician, the pay isn't that great but it get's me by. By what name do you go by Miss?" Noah leaned back as if he was quite relaxed.

Callista Miala Moonshade:
She looked at the instrument now led on the table. "Lessa" she said strongly but as bluntly as she could. She drained off her drink and turned back to the door. A sudden gripping image raced across Lessas' mind, she grasped at her forehead as a shooting pain shot through her head. "He's coming! do you know how to fight?" Lessa eyed Noah blearily. She hoped to hell that he could.


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