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Misled About Palladium

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You guys mislead me about Palladium and Rifts. It is a sort of munchkinly game, but you guys gave me the impression that it was a bad game too, as many munchkinly games are. But it's really cool!

On the other hand, Kevin what's-his-name is really arrogant, snobbish, self-righteous, and full of himself. Very, very full of himself. "First universal gaming system" my left foot! :roll:


LOL..no kidding..the rules are so concrete to that game that it is no where NEAR universal like D20 is.

I know nothing of any of the actions of the owner whatever he did. Sounds like an idiot. That is one way to stifle a system.

Anyway, I have always enjoyed Palladium and always will. I honestly like it better then 2nd addition. THAC0 never did make sense to me and I always thought it was a stupid way to run battles. I like the extra dice roll to defend yourself. That is just one little thing that I can immediately point out but could probably write an essay on it. I only played 2nd edition because that is what everybody else liked, but anytime I ran a game I tried to make it Palladium. I haven't had much of a chance to research or play 3rd edtion (I got the books) but I can't see it displacing my first love of Palladium.

Well, I dunno about Palladium's fanstasy game, but Rifts looked pretty cool. I may buy some of it, even though the owner is unquestionably a $#!%-head.

Lady Wiccan Wolf:
I've only just started playing in a Palladium game, online in January.....playing an earth warlock.  I find the spells to be better than a druid's in DnD, and it's less complicated concerning dice rolls, armor class, thaco, etc.  There seems to be more emphasis on role playing than dice rolling.

I have two of the Rifts manual, but really am not interested in a futuristic, mechanized world.


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