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Hell on Earth

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Sheloryith stopped running. Beurox feel to his feet, trying to catch his breath. The fire prince came to a stop, a few feet next to Shelo. "I hope I NEVER, EVER, HAVE TO RUN FROM ANYONE EVER!," she yelled. "It was our..only option, my lady," said Beurox. "At least the fool and the freak get what was coming to them. The goblins must be munching down on them right now," said Sheloryith with an evil laugh. "Now, if I not mistaken, We are less then a mile of the Drow Territory, the drow city must be over that mountain, BUT I refuse to go back there. I'm getting tired of running around in circles. I first started here, then it was Silent Springs Mountain Range. Next, the fortress following the alter of fire, and NOW we're closer to the Drow city then we are to victory!" Shelo looked down at the Nova sphere, clutched tightly in her right hand. "I must get Cortez, she said, His powers are weak. Maybe I can break him from the group, make him fall into anger." Shelo thought for a while. "I shall wait tell they're on the move and then, anger shall fall over him. That way, he will come to me and then." Sheloryith, still with her shock blade in hand, struck down on a stone next to her, shattering it. "YOUR SOUL WILL BE MINE!"

So the group started on their way to the demon fortress which is near the drow one. "We are getting close to one of hte seceret passages...I remember," Thorgon said exitedly.

Just then though they were swarmed by demons! Zion emmediately jumped into action slicing through demons everywhere. Thorgon pulled out his axe and started unleashing his "kick-assery." Arez found a nice tree to hide in and started nailing the monsters in fatal positions. And Nyel just started ripping the faces off of them with her snake whip.


Hunter returned to Zinn soon and reported what had happened, leaving out that he had hidden."I can't do it alone Zinn, I'm gonna need either you or the orc to help."

"I shall help you towards the end, but fo now I'll give you the orc. Unleash the orc!" Zinn yelled.

"Heh heh....Now we're talking,"


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