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Long ago, a war was started. It wasn't any ordinary war like some goblin clans fighting each other, it was much worse. It did start out with a disagreement though; the King of the Orcs and the King of the Goblins sat down with each other to discuss joining forces to attack a very powerful human town. The town would have been wiped out by the two evil forces but the Kings had an argument over battle tactics and other important things, so they declared war on each other. The war was fought on Giant Territory and when the giants heard all the ruckus of war they came out to destroy the things that had disturbed their peace. The troll and ogre clans joined in the war after a while too because they couldn't resist some good fighting. Things like demons soon joined the war too for their own reasons and that's when it started to get of hand.

All the good races like dwarves, elves, and humans, then joined the war to stop the monsters from destroying every single living thing.


Little Thorgon the dwarf marched in the big army of dwarves. Their destination was the city of Cullcasia, the town the King of the Orcs and the King of the Goblins tried to invade almost 2 decades ago.

When the dwarves got to the place they were to meet the other forces King Bulvin (the King of the dwarves) went over to talk to the other Kings. (King Windgrip of the elves, and King Villthrin of the humans.)

"My dwarves are ready." said Bulvin.

"Good. My elves are too. What about your humans King Villthrin." King Wingrip asked.

"They're already talking about how many monsters they're gonna' kill." King Villthrin replied.

"Then let's go!" Bulvin said.

The other two Kings agreed and they got every one ready. By the next hour they were off to the war, perhaps never to come home again.

As the elves, dwarves, and humans (just call them the Peace makers) walked out to the war, things were getting horribly destroyed. Mountains were crumbling by the furocious swings of the giants wacking at the little orcs hiding for safety, and demons were flying in the sky clawing at the giant's faces. Trolls were swinging there giant clubs at goblins and ogres were crushing little puny things like orcs or demons in their bear hug of death. Blood was spattered everywhere but these monster would not give up.

When the Peace makers got there the war really started, their were arrows flying everywhere, some hitting their mark others plopping to the ground harmlessely.

Thorgon knew he was going to be outnumbered, but he didn't know he was going to be outnumered by three vicous ogres. One crept up him to try to give him the back breaking bear hug but Thorgon heard the lumbering idiot and turned around and dug his axe into the ogre's face. The fat monster let out a blood curdling cry then plopped to the ground, dead. The next ogre took his club and swung it into Thorgon's chest not hard enough to break any thing though because the monster had a gashing wound in his arm. The stubby dwarf got up slower then he should have because he had the wind knocked out of him, but to make up for the slow recovery he grabbed a dagger from his belt and threw it into the ogre's eye. Thorgon was then caught off guard by the breath taking bear hug of the last ogre. The stupid thing forgot that Thorgon had and axe so he dug the axe into the ogre's hip and was dropped instantly as the ogre clutched his hip in pain. The dwarf then went up for the killing blow on the ogre, one swipe across the neck and the headless body fell to the ground as Thorgon got his dagger out of the dead ogre's eye and went to find more victims.

Arez, one of the few archers that was not an elf, was killing monsters everywhere. He had just started and he had already killed abou 10 or 11. All archers were taught to watch their backs  but this cocky human didn't think that he would get killed from behind so he just kept shooting away. But as the human was shooting an orc was slowly sneaking up on him...

OOC: If anyone decides to jump in and be the orc you can kill Arez.

   And from a mountain over looking the battle, a women, dressed in fine armor and clutching a sword as long as her, stood silence as she gazed as bodies began to fall and blood began to flow around the ground. She then bow her head as tears began to fall from her eyes and said to herself, "Hope is yet to come, but the slaughtering come to an end first." She then lifter her head from her sorrow and wiped away her tears and said with a deep breath, "...Well, here I come."

Jay-don was weary from battle. Although a well conditioned warrior, he could not overcome the hours of physical exertion that he had expended, the last of which he had moved with sheer will power alone.

His elfin made mail, light as it was, felt like lead. As he reached the archers, he nearly dropped his sword out of exhaustion.

Chastising himself for his lack of discipline, he pushed along into the safety zone.

Continuing towards the camp he saw a human archer. That's unusual, he thought. Lost in thought and weariness, his heart nearly jumped out of his chest when he nearly bumped into an orc!

Arez heard something grunt behind him so he turned around and saw an orc! Quickly, before the orc could attack he grabbed the monster's arm and slung him off the mountain. Arez caught in the corner of his eye, an elf hurrying away, but he thought nothing of it and kept on shooting.

King Bulvin was having trouble fending off some demons that were after him. He had killed one but several were still after him. Thorgon luckily noticed this and ran out to help. He swung at a demon, cutting him clean in half. A demon whacked him with it's tail right across the face, knocking him out cold. The demons assumed he was dead so they kept on going. King Bulvin was outnumbered by several and the demons were coming on hard. They sensed his power and importance and wanted to take him out. Many dwarves eventually came to aid their King and fought the demons off. They dragged the King and Thorgon to the mountains (their unofficial base) and checked for wounds. Luckily they only found bumps and bruises though.

"We are outnumbered hopelessly." the King said to Thorgon once he awoke.

"Do not give up yet your majesty. We have spilled plenty of blood, we still have a chance."


Meanwhile King Windgrip was letting the blood flow as he was running everywhere killing dozens of monsters. He was running out of breath so he ran to hide behind a giant rock. There was a human behind the rock too. "We need to send a messenger for backup your majesty, I've been watching the battle progress and our men are getting slaughtered." the human said.

"Yes I agree, I will send for backup as soon as I get back up to the mountains. But tell me, if your so worried about our army getting massacred, why are you sitting here watching?" the King asked.

"Oh your majesty if I could I'd be fighting right now, I assure you."

"What are you talking about?"

The man then removed his hand from his gut and showed the King his gashing wound.

"Oh my god!" the King exclaimed. "Here, drink this. It'll numb the pain. This will have to do until we can get you to the doctors." The King gave him a little bottle and some bandages to wrap his wound up in.

When the man was done they fought their way through a maze of monsters until they made it up to the mountains.

"Give this man immediate medical attention." the King said to a doctor.

"Yes sir."

Then the King saw an elf just sitting around and said "You, I want you I want you to get a horse and tell my substitute, King Odin to send out backup."

"Yes your majesty."

Then the King quickly ran back out to battle.


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