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I have seen the light, and I want more like it! without the shadow of a doubt in my mind I can tell you that Ico is the best game to have ever walked this earth, if an emotionally draining, enigmatic and frustrating one (the frustation makes it fun, somehow, seriously.) If you've never heard of it or played it, buy it. BUY IT NOW!
There are a lot of questions left open, especially in the US version but that's part of the tiring and almost irratating fun. Of course, caling it frustrating and irratating is a little weird considering I'm trying to extol its infinitude of virtue, but you'd really have to play to understand. Anyway, look under puzzle games if your trying to rent and/or buy it (it's for the PS2, by the way.) Little old and pretty unpopular, but it's worth hunting down.

1st question... What ICO stands for???

Ancient Gamer:
Ico is the name of the protagonist of the game, a little boy with horns. I have not played the game, but after reading some killer reviews I bought it for my son aged 6. My girlfriend and my boy played it together and let me tell you: Only one other time has my SO ever been so attached to a game. My son also LOVED it. Unfortunately it gave my son nightmares and he began to cry when the shadows came, so we had to forbid it in my household.

Still: Great, great game

I can certainl understand the nightmares, those shadows creeped my out. Scariest part was the fact that the princess couldn't fight them back so you'd have to stop whatever you were doing, grab a sword (or stick) and almost kill yourself getting to her. Sometimes leaving her unattended was the scariest part, because the entire time you'd be thinking they were going to attack, over, and over, and over...

I heard a rumor just awhile ago that there was going to be a sequel.

Ancient Gamer:
It has already been launched. It is called "Shadow of the Colossus" and is available on the PS2.


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