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« on: August 16, 2006, 08:53:30 PM »
My free shopping cart at http://www.lulu.com/browse/search.php?fKeywords=roleplaying

ghost RPG - mainbook
by eric petracca

Gamers use bits and pieces of many roleplaying games, supplements, or other non-game elements such as movies and comic books to create settings, characters, and adventures.

Ghost is modular and distributed electronically or as three-hole punched packets allowing custom gaming handbooks with only specific rules, items, adventures, and creatures, eliminating the expense and trouble of transporting and indexing large volumes.

The rules layout is such that any portion may be discarded or replaced by an Advanced Rule, and various settings, creatures, or items may appear in any place or more than one place in your customized Ghost handbook. Modify the order and contents to fit your unique style.

Enjoy the ghost basic rules for free, and give the other ghost products like scenarios, advanced rules, and supplements a try!

As always, thanks for playing.

Purchase Date: 16-Aug-2006
Format: Download (488 kb) Get Adobe Reader    

    Amnesia: A Horror RPG Scenario
by Matt Cowens
Description: A 16 page one-off horror scenario, containing everything needed to run a 2-3 hour horror game for 4-6 players. The characters awaken in a strange environment and must learn about their situation and themselves. Written for the Kapcon Scenario Design Contest, Kapcon 12. Includes scenario, character sheets, player handouts and maps.
Purchase Date:
Format: Download (219 kb) Get Adobe Reader    

Description: THE PRACTICE & SCIENCE OF DRAWING Classic approach to the dynamics of drawing by brilliant teacher with insights and practical advice on line drawing, mass drawing, visual memory, materials and much more. 84 plates and diagrams reinforce Speed’s clear presentation. This practical guide, rapidly approaching its 90th birthday, is one of a few truly classic books for art students still in print, along with Nicolaides' Natural Way to Draw. However, it is also filled with admonishments, strongly held opinions, and the kind of written language that has mostly vanished from the printed page.
Purchase Date:
Format: Download (9509 kb) Get Adobe Reader    

    Myriad RPG System
by Ashok Desai
Description: Ever wanted to write your own RPG but not known how to start? Myriad is a rules-light modular role-playing system that can be adapted to any genre and setting. Myriad is not an RPG in its own right, moreover it is a toolbox with which to construct the game of your dreams. Inside you will find a complete simple system that, in its purest form, can be picked up and played in a matter of minutes and a whole host of tips and tricks to help you twist it to your own evil schemes. You will also find a veritable cornucopia of optional rules, resources and modules to slot in as you require them. Just select the ingredients you like and discard the ones you don’t. But best of all, you can incorporate Myriad into your own books and projects free of charge! See the website for details of terms and conditions.
Purchase Date:
Format: Download (4850 kb) Get Adobe Reader    

    Satanis Unbound
by Darrick Dishaw
Description: Satanis Unbound is the first sourcebook for the Empire of Satanis roleplaying game. It contains a wealth of information about the Fiend realm of K'thana and everything having to do with those demonic alien horrors... weird places, malevolent organizations and cults, dark pictures of creatures and cities, a glossary of the Fiend language, short fiction, time line of the eldritch aeons, allegiances to hideous Gods, new scenarios, new races and Color Sphere, esoteric quotes from Thomas Ligotti, and a lengthy essay on my magical philosophy. Satanis is the game that is taking over the world... His slimy tentacles dripping with crimson and black!
Purchase Date:
Format: Download (13338 kb) Get Adobe Reader    

    The Book of Adam
by Armando Simon
Description: This is the Book of Adam, a collection of character sheets and notes from 6 years of gaming over a variety of systems, like Dungeons and Dragons, Necessary Evil, Silver Age Sentinels, and D20 Modern
Purchase Date:
Format: Download (407 kb) Get Adobe Reader    

    The Game of Hats
by Brandon Schmelz
Description: The Game of Hats is a roleplaying game with style. This is the complete product.
Purchase Date:
Format: Download (123 kb) Get Adobe Reader    

    Open Game Bazaar #1
by Nathaniel Baker , E.W. Morton , Justin Springer
Description: The Open Game Bazaar is a quarterly electronic magazine for roleplaying game and fantasy art enthusiasts. Our premier issue contains 36 full-color pages of roleplaying-related articles, artwork, and maps.
Purchase Date:
Format: Download (2417 kb) Get Adobe Reader    

    MLX: Calorie Free
by Fred Lenza , Arlo Gesner
Description: This is the free demo of the hilarious coin based rpg, MLX. It provides enough information to give you an understanding of the system, a feel for the world, and a taste of the humor that is in the full version of MLX. Basiclly we're offering a few cheap laughs. Give it a shot. The first taste is free.
Purchase Date:
Format: Download (1244 kb) Get Adobe Reader

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