Author Topic: The War For Elvindorm  (Read 18387 times)

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Re: The War For Elvindorm
« Reply #25 on: October 23, 2006, 12:51:56 PM »
"That is my point. Since when do soldiers follow bounty hunters? Let the hunter do his tasks as he always has, slinking in shadows and playing with knives. If a new general isn't chosen from the legions of the Nyir, I'm sure there has to be a suitable scapegoat among the craven nobility of Praxingdrell." Halvor said, feeling contempt for the nobles who bent quivering knee to Sidious Prax, yellow bellied toads and milk-blooded whelps the lot of them. It was said in Nyir that they were allied not to Praxingdrell, but to Sidious herself.

"I would lead my own legion to find these insignifigant traitors and capture them for you my Queen. I would have Sippenhaft, my war mage, deliver them to you personally, bound and asleep for your pleasure." Halvor said. "Then I would lead the legions of the Nyir to the walls of Elvindorm and bring those walls down with stone shot and all the power of my Spellshapers."
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Re: The War For Elvindorm
« Reply #26 on: October 24, 2006, 09:45:54 PM »
OOC: I am a little confused on where Zanithoes snd Halvor are but I am asuming they are not in the dining hall.

"I am sorry my Queen, they shall not escape next time. Exuse me for the interruption." Hunter then walked out of the room and emmediately prepared to set out at once.

Hunter had seen one of those bat-like things before in his home realm Alka-triziereon (Alka-tri-zer-eon.) Chiropteran Maruader the name was, and they were very powerful. The creatures were usually imune to non-magical things, and that meant his ebony sword would be of no use. He knew of one sword that would be of use though, The Golden Sword of Indintit! Non-magical but not non-deadly! He had earned it as a reward from a wealthy human for bringing back a slave.Hunter had no use for ir at the time so he locked it up in a chest buried not to far form here.

Before he could set out to get the sword though he had to get prepared to kill the trio once and for all. He knew Valcombor didn't have a chance in the fight against the were-bat , especially with bite marks all over him! So to prevent the bite marks from even happening, Hunter used a spell to change Valcombor from an orc into a an earth troll with literally rock hard skin.

When it seemed that they were fnally ready to go Hunter and Valcombor set out to find the sword first and then the trio.
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