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When Kingdoms Fall

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Paresies walked out of the tavern, exhausted from hours of dancing and celebrating. He and his budies had decided to party because they would be going away soon.

"What a night!" Paresies said with some slur added to his voice. He had had a long night and was looking foward to going to bed.

"Hey Paresies!" Weljin said catching up to him. "Why you leaving so soon?"

"I've got alot on my mind. All this news about war is kind of shocking." Paresies replied.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Sometimes I wonder why I decided to be a knight for Syllestia."

"Yeah, King Yorshin shouldn't make us go to war just cause of an aurguement! Well I gottta go," Paresies said as he walked off into the night.

He had a strange feeling, almost, like someone was watching him....

Rare were the times that Scatlin and his band had attempted to best a Knight of Syllestia. Rare because they were smart and never took uncertain risks. Almost never, he corrected himself.

Scatlin heard the knight's slurred speech and saw the way that he stumbled. He had made his decision already, but was still wary of the man.

Turning to a man behind him, he motioned directions through basic hand signals. The men skipped away, across the roof tops, to be in position.

A few moments later, the knight entered into the target area.

No other signals were needed as the group followed Scatlin down to confront the man.

"Seem like ah good ah time as any to pay ah toll," he said drawing his short sword in a single fluid motion. The others of the group took a flanking position in an ever tightening circle...


Feel free to kill 'em, if you want, but leave Scatlin and one or two for me...

Paresies heard some people coming so he grabbed his trusty dagger from his boot and swung it at someone. A lucky hit, he thought, as he hit his target in the eye.

He fell to the ground with his dead opponent but grabbed his dagger and immediatly got back up. He dodged one hit and swung at someone again, but this time missing. Not using his dagger, he punched someone as hard as he could, which in effect threw his oppponent to the ground.

He waisted no time in driving his dagger into the man before he got up. Turning to face a man behind him, he didn't hear another sneaking up on him until he got stabbed in the shoulder.

"Aaaggh!!" he yelled in pain. He turned to confront the man and got punched in the face instead.

He was angry now and spit in the guy's eyes, stabbing him in the chest, piercing the lung.

Seeing a opening in the circle he made a break for it, leaving some men behind.

A diminuitive figure garbed in flowing black robes beckoned to Paresies.  "Pssst.  Come here."  A gnarled finger beckoned to the darkness of the narrow alley that was frightning or comforting depending on your disposition...

Paresies, now getting fairly annoyed, walked up to the man, dagger in hand and asked "What do you want old man?" He tried to sound as pollite as he could, but he was drunk and tired.


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