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Faithless Future


You reached for the secret too soon, you tried for the moon, shine on you crazy diamond- Pink Floyd

It all began when five friends made a mutual pact to have their 'End-Dates' determined. After several years, they finally managed to save enough credits to cover the cost of five procedures, and soon found themselves sitting in a dead-white waiting room, deep inside the bowels of the Pulsar Pavilion, awaiting the scientists who would come and tell them when they were going to 'dust' die.

Voight, the youngest of the five went back on his vow. He could not bare to know, and seconds before the moment of truth, bolted from the room and the Pavilion, only to slip and crack his skull on the marble steps.

This is a story of how the other four fared, whilst carrying their fates like a burden.

Laws were unforgiving and death was final.

god is dead, so spake some ancient thinker.

Ralphie's last day was determined to be three days hence. His friends feted him and swore they would remember his soul. Mark's End-Date was the longest away. He would live a century from the day he was given the news. Gasser was a bad liar, he had not long, and Joel, he was not given a date. Joel was told to report to the Subdivision of Constituents anon. His report was then sent to The Catalyst.


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