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You think you can move? I'll show some moves!

--- Quote ---Intelligence  6
Endurance  5
Speed  8
Skill  7
Strength  6
Courage  4
Rank  4
Firepower  4
--- End quote ---

Break Point is narcissitic, arrogant, and makes a great deal of noise about how great he is compared to the rest of the Autobots. This leaves some autobots scratching their heads wondering why Break-Point jointed under Optimus rather than the decepticons. The truth of the matter is that Break-Point didn't like the thought of all the mechanical alterations that are part and parcel of the Decepticon creed.

As a robot, Break-Point is both fast and agile. He is able to perform general acrobatics, and as a car frequently engages in slides and drift races. He even took his name from drift racing, the break point being the part of a race where a car breaks the friction of it's tires to begin a drift, or a power slide. If his selfish nature is his primary weakness, Break-Point's second weakness is he lacks focus. and often changes his alternate form to match whatever car catches his fancy. At the current time he is in the middle of a Japanese Import fad. He also changes his color on what most consider to be a frantic rate.

When in combat, Break-Point will seek out the best possible position, while also giving off a show. This has a 50/50 chance of working out in his favor, with him as likely to wipe out or have ground shot out from under him, or him achieving a rear or flanking position. This recklessness for himself and for others have prevented Break-Point from gaining any rank within the autobots and it grates on his electrodes that he is technically supposed to report to Bumblebee, whom he considers an amatuer. His main weapon is a rapid fire pulse cannon that lays down a wide field of firepower, but in such a dispersion it tends to lack penetrating power. His secondary weapon is a mortar that generally fires optics obscuring smoke rounds.

Why limit yourself to these pathetic human forms, remember your Cybertronian heritage!

--- Quote ---Intelligence  7
Endurance  6
Speed  9
Skill  6
Strength  5
Courage  7
Rank  7
Firepower  5
--- End quote ---

Unlike most of the transformers on Earth, Roadrunner tacitly refused to adopt a human vehicle form, retaining his Cybertronian hovercar form (Starcraft Vulture). This can cause quite a stir as the graphite gray and silver blade-styled hovercraft screams through human occupied areas. Though fast, Roadrunner is an older generation of Decepticon, being a curmudgeon and a demolitions expert.

Roadrunner tends to favor his vehicle form as his robot form is prone to sticking and jamming due to his age, and refusals for a general overhaul. In robot form he has an automatic grenade launcher which he uses rarely, preferring the twin vibro-swords that form the front of his hovercar mode. In hovercar he is able to fire the grenade launcher between the blade fronts of his form, and still use the blades in the manner of a train's track clearer.

In combat Roadrunner alternates between close combat action with his swords, and falling back in hovercar mode to rain grenades down on his foes. He is crafty and a good general tactician, using the decepticons under his command to good effect. He prefers his 'bots to be fast. There is a standing rivalry between Roadrunner and the Decepticon seekers, the most notable seeker being Starscream. Both have claims of speed, but the seeker flight mode has generally placed them ahead of Roadrunner and the hovercraft.

'There is a serenity to be found on the periphery between planet and space, when the horizon bends away to a blue cresent. If only all transfomers could find this serenity it would be the end of this endless war...

--- Quote ---Intelligence  8
Endurance  8
Speed  10
Skill  9
Strength  6
Courage  5
Rank  8
Firepower  2
--- End quote ---

Panopticus is best desribed as a reluctant autobot, it is only a sense of duty to right that holds him to the Autobot code. He would much rather be spending his time involved in artistic and photographic studies rather than fighting in the endless war. As such, Panopticus is often absent-minded, and sometimes easily distracted when not on a specific mission.

His alternate form is that of an SR-71 Blackbird, and he is able to excede that craft's speed and altitude limitations. The downside to this form is that Panopticus has very little in the way of firepower, his primary weapon being a sonic disruptor that can disorient foes, his more potent weapon is his recon abilities, and his communication abilities to being autobot firepower to bear on a target.

Panopticus has gained rivals with Decepticon flyers who consider him unworthy and honorless with his dash and evade tactics, the worst being with the triple-changer Astrotrain, who has gotten the better of Panopticus on two seperate occassions.


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