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Dwarf music


Just about to post some new stuff on the alchemy site. It's an analysis of dwarfish music (as promised in another thread on the Antasia section of the board. Admittedly this was promised a long time ago, but I've been busy :oops: !).


Ummm... I did not understand a word, of what you've been telling about that music.

But it is great. 8)

If you ever have enough time, could you compose some piece like that, Master? It definitely HAS atmosphere. I think an MP3 of about 3-5 minutes might appease my needs at first. :wink:

yes, a 3-5 minute song would be nicer than the 23 seconds you have provided so far. It is nice though.

I will get on to it, but I've been in Florence for the past few days (very nice place!). I'm going to have to write some adventures based there!



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