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Ria Hawk:
Hokay.  So, the Shards of the Storm Quest is over and done with.  Time to move onto the next one.  We have some choices, and we decided to put them before you.  Kindly vote on what you would like to see as the next quest.  The voting will run... let's call it two weeks.

We have several options.

Sky: This post has something to do with sky. It could be an arial dungeon (hard clouds... hey that is an idea), items that fly/ float, manipulate wind, or related to flying, flying lifeforms, floating locations, NPCs that are pilots or fliers, plots centered around the above, flying societies, and if you can think of a system... that is good too.

Lands and Continents:  I would like to propose people put out generic countries or continents. These are generic countries (or continents) that are somewhat general in their write up, so they can be dropped anywhere. I am sure some of these will be mirror countries or odd fantasy affairs, but it might be interesting to see what comes out. Note: If there is a country (or other post) that is so intrical to the other country's post, it must be submitted as a linked post (or the original post is invalid).  It must also be a new setting, so no Arth or Hewdamia.

Articles: Everyone has a useful opinion on something.

Deviant Religions.  These are not the stereotypical, demon-worshipping cults of DOOM.  These are the groups (accepted or not) that make people go "What the hell is wrong with these people?"  Best example I can think of is "The Cloister of the Empty Table."

Saints: Every one puts forth one saint. There could be some parameters in place like keeping the "fantastic elements" to a minimum, and concentrating on somewhat realistic martyrs and prophets, or establishing a certain religion which everyone needs to adhere to.

City Guard: New and interesting protectors of the public (in theory) and keepers of the peace.

Dungeon:  A new dungeon.  Anything in this category would count.

City Adventures: City plots, items, and NPCs with a city related focus.


--- Quote from: Ria Hawk on June 06, 2006, 01:57:40 AM ---It must also be a new setting, so no Arth or Hewdamia.

--- End quote ---

I'm not sure if I should be honored or bummed. :D

I say City Gaurd... or simply... Cities.

Voted. Anything other than continents (too colossal an undertaking) and articles (yawn) works for me!

That is funny Murometz, I was going to say... Let's do continents and articles, things we need more of.

Dont misunderstand me Moon. You know I love anything geographical! I just think a continent is a bit too unwieldly for a Quest. Can you imagine how LONG these submissions would be? (I know mine would!).


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