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Hello everybody :)  My name is Shawn I am 23 years old and I am the mastermind behind the Realms of Evil website (which some of you may and may not have been to before).  I have been roleplaying for 15 years and have experience in just about every roleplaying game system created :P

Anyway, I just wanted to make myself known to all of you before fulling joining this community :)

Whispers, "A true name? To hold such power over somebody such as a true name is a rare thing indeed. And a King no less, of Chaos?" Gasp. "Then he may be the true ruler of this land for if this place does not reek of Chaos what does?"

"Welcome true KingofChaos for your name has echoed through this land for many ages."

((Hint hint nudge nudge lets see what you are really made of  :wink: ))

Lady Wiccan Wolf:
Merry Meet Shawn  *hands bowl of popcorn to newcomer*  Hope you enjoy the's pretty comfy.

BTW, clicked on your website, but the link didn't work.

You don't have it bookmarked?  :wink: :shock:  :lol:

It worked for me, try the WWW graphic at the bottom as well.

Lady Wiccan Wolf:
Yep, tried the www in KingofChaos' sig, but keeps coming up "Page Cannot Be Displayed".  Guess it's not meant for me to look at. :lol:

Tried it again tonight....and it's working now.....touchy computer :x


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