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I love Transformers.

That being said I wanted to do some transformer related submissions but though that the Citadel wasnt quite the right place for them so I went out hunting for a Transformers Forum. Sure enough I found some, but I didnt like how they were laid out, what was emphasised and how things were generally handled.

First off, I don't give a rat's ass when your birthday is. You know why? Because 99% of you guys dont give a rat's ass when my birthday is. Truth be known, the only reason I care about it is because I get a homemade chocolate pie, made from scratch for my birthday.

Secondly, I do not hold canon material to be holy. The original series had so many technical errors, and there where holes in the plot big enough to drive a semi-truck through. Once you start getting into the US versus UK comic books, and the absolute slop now beign served up in the guise of RID, Armada, and Energon it all falls apart anyway. Screw canon.

Third, I hate gimmick characters. Let me repeat that, I hate gimmich characters. Example, this is Burn-Out, he transforms into a Lamborgini Gallardo. cool huh!?!!?!? Anything else besides that?

The Basics
Transformers are a mechanical lifeform, IE they do not mate, and they do not grow up, nor are they children. Some might be child like in personality, but this is an operation of their programming and such, nothing to do with age.

While there are male and female styled transformers, this was done purely for asthetic reasons. The interaction between the two genders is simple simulation of gender roles programmed by the transformer's creators.

Limited Immortality - They can be blown up, but if the transformer's brain is salvaged, a new body can be built for him. Alternately, the transformer can create a 'back-up' brain that can be installed in a new body with all of the thoughts and ideas and such at the moment of copying. Truely destroying one of these metal titans requires a very thorough and dedicated effort.

The Creators - quintessons? Nope. Unicron? Nope. Primus? Nope again. The Transformers were created by organic lifeforms with dual sexes for reproduction, in a nutshell humans. while they have outlasted their creators and have in the intervening time created a cult like worship of the Matrix, a potent power source and collection of transformer engrams, or mind copies.

Keeping the Autobots as the industrious and well meaning robots who are dedicated to democracy, freedom, loyalty, protection, and all that happy crap.

The Decepticons are based around a paradoxical desire for independence and true anarchic freedom while being tied into a strict military heirarchy.

The Quintessons are a rogue caste that was formerly dedicated to interaction with organics, now since slipped their leash and gone weird. Also primary organizers of tasks for transformers, the former overlords.

Independents - robots not affiliated with Decepticon or Autobots, kinda like the Swiss.

Unicron - cult like following, etc.

thoughts, opinions, rude hand gestures?

I like pretty robots.

Yes I have a couple of suggestions.

First, figure out all the ground rules you will be using for your Transbot (Tranformers, Mechanical Animals, and so on) submissions.  (I would use Transbots to a) be more generic, b) keep people from requiring you to be a purist, c) to avoid copyright eagles). It should cover a brief gloss over history, the nuts and bolts (pardon the pun) of these kinds of characters, and their basic abilities.

Second, you will create an NPC codex that you put all that information in called Transbot Codex (or what ever you want).  The write up you started below is a good place to start. Simply expand on that.

Oh and creating is codex is easy, there are some radiobuttons/ click buttons in all those "type of submission section" that preceeds entering everything in.

Third and so on,  You will create each of your transbots as an NPC or lifeform is they are just mook critters. You will link each of those to your Transbot Codex. That keeps them all together, neat and tidy.

well, I think that the point is moot for the time being.

Three days in the sagely Advice forum, two comments. Not much a reaction, so IMHO not worth expanding on.

As for codices, I know how to make them.


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