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What do you think of that new movie FF7 Advent Children.I liked it. :moon:

Well.. It had cool fight scenes and scenery and all of that, but it basically didn't have a story. If you're into hour-and-a-half long fight scenes, Advent Children is pretty cool.

Ria Hawk:
Yeah, the plot was a little shaky, but it was pretty enough I give it a pass.  ^^

New? I downloaded it back in september  :shock:
I loved it, mostly because the first cut scene in FF7 i almost peed myself, i never thought videogames could do that and always wished there was a final fantasy movie
yes, i am one of few that has seen the spirits within over and over.
so basically this movie was a childhood dream come true so i am severly bias therefore... ::mumbles, drools then falls over::
I was too visually in awe to care about plotline flaws

YEAH it's a little off but i Liked it though I still perfer the Cloud Srife from the FF7 game. :moon:


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