Author Topic: Leveling System revamped.  (Read 1822 times)

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Leveling System revamped.
« on: May 14, 2006, 05:00:18 PM »
The old leveling system was ad hoc and grew out of a few small, incremental changes instead of a system change. Most all the comments about the leveling were not good and it was only a matter of time until it got reworked. Well, today I was in the mood so there you go.

Often times I have discussion with the site Admins about changes that effect everybody but this time I just did it, BANG! If I didn't do it now I probably wouldn't have gotten in the mood for another four centuries so do or die. So I take full blame for this move. ;)

The levels were extended to 20.
You still need to get the required number of submissions plus the required XP to move to the next level.
The XP is figured from getting an average of 30XP per submission.
--This does not mean each submission you put in needs to get 30XP, although with the amount of people growning this isn't too out of site as long as you get enough votes.
--You still get XP from comments, voting, suggestions, scrolls, etc. so all of that figures into the average.

Hopefully this will allow us to move up in levels a little quicker and with a more standard leveling system.

Happy to hear what you think, positive or negative.

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