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Mother's Day Challenge!!


In honor of Mom's Day, I challenge one and all to come up with a mother-themed submission! Anything goes! It could be loving, it could be gruesome, whatever!

Only "rule" is it must be mother-related in some way, shape, or form

for example:

Gohamosarukra- The Fecund Troll Mother

The Suckling Bladesmaster- An adventuring mother and her ten obnoxious off-spring, that accompany her everywhere she goes.

Pen'Vatan- The Mother Citadel...The Progenitor's Palace

Other than throwing out these three goofy ideas, I myself will not be able to participate. Its my wife's first Mother's Day and I must now depart. :D

(Come on Scras and Cap! I know you can bang one out in your sleep!)

I see this went over well. I had known about it sooner I may have thrown something up. But alas for Mathom has struck again.

Theres always Fathers Day...


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