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Couple Big Updates
« on: May 13, 2006, 10:18:16 PM »
Sort of big anyway.

1) The voting graphics have been removed and been replaced by a miniature icon of the sword in front of the username. That small icon identifies those that have voted. As of now, I will continue to show votes with no comments since we still want to know who voted, just not the score they voted. See this topic for discussion on these changes. http://www.strolen.com/guild/index.php/topic,3073.0.html

2) I have finally added the ability to post pictures inside your submission. Here is an example of what it looks like. http://www.strolen.com/content.php?node=50

Here are the instructions on how to do it:

a) Go to the gallery and upload it into the album labeled "Used On Main Citadel" This is the ONLY album that the main site will look in to find the graphic. Not sure what to do with the other categories and am slightly worried about it getting filled up, but the gallery isn't there to be a gallery, it is there to augment the main Citadel so as long as you can find your own pictures to use on the main Citadel, well, that is the point.

b) Make sure you know the EXACT filename that you uploaded to include the extension.  ex: elephant.jpg

c) Use the following format to input it into your submission:

[[thumb|elephant.jpg|right|Text description if you want]]

thumb = shows thumbnail. Can be replaced with normal for the larger picture. Both are shown in the example. It will link to the full size graphic but I don't want anything larger inline with the submission than what I am making available.
elephant.jpg = exact filename as you uploaded it into the gallery
right = can be left middle or right for image alignment. left and right the text wraps around middle it is alone.
Text description if you want = this is the "alt" text that shows up. Debating whether this could turn into a small description shown directly under the picture -> your decision.

Notice the double brackets [[ and the pipe | separating the text. This format must be followed exactly!

I did a lot of other small stuff as shown by the items crossed out in this thread. http://www.strolen.com/guild/index.php/topic,2690.0.html

That is it for tonight. :)

OH, do me a favor and don't comment on the example. I will remove it as soon as somebody else puts up something 'real.' thanks.

3) Buried the other announcement about the Google Search added to the right menu in the main menu but that happened too.
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